In this video, our favorite YouTuber Tim McKay discusses the AMA update of the FRIA approval process with the FAA. The September 16, 2023 date when Remote ID comes into effect is fast approaching–don’t miss this important information! As of August 29, 2023 around 700 FRIAs have been approved, 200 denied and around 800 are still in the queue.

Updated: August 31, 2023 — 3:47 PM


  1. Drones caused this problem. They need to be banned.

    1. The issue as I see it is traditional RC model aircraft flown by “line of sight” are being grouped with FPV and autonomously flown RC model aircraft. The FAA rules and restrictions for monitoring so-called “drones” should apply to FPV and autonomously flown RC model aircraft only. The other issue is the term drone does apply to “line of sight” flown RC model aircraft because they’re unmanned. We need another term to enable separation.

      RC modeler since the late 60s

  2. RID is not about Safety or even prosecution it is however about the MONEY. It’s always about the MONEY. When and IF package delivery or anything else that uses the NAS comes the Gob-br-mnt is going to TAX it in the form of fees. That being said the need a way to track the Use of the NAS much the same way they now track every flight of every aircraft in the USA with ADS-B. ADS-B is recorded and stored for at least 6 months. Just think how the FAA can have computers scann every flight for altitude speed or any of a dozen air space Violations. It is all about the Money

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