Amazing first flight: 20-foot-span B-25!

Amazing first flight: 20-foot-span B-25!

Just when you think you’ve seen a really giant, giant-scale plane, here comes a 1/3.3-scale B-25 Mitchell! Weighing in at 326 pounds, with a wingspan of 20 feet, this behemoth is powered by two 400cc Moki 5-cylinder radials and 35×13 carbon-fiber propellers. The big bomber has wood construction with fiberglass reinforcements and uses handmade retracts and 30 servos. Three Emcotec Power Cube SBus units, each with two Futaba R 7003 receivers and two 5300mAh batteries, means that no cable connections are needed between the fuselage and the wings. It is the handiwork of Roland Sabatschus, Michael Sabatschus and Daniel Sabatschus, who spent 5 years designing and building it. Congratulations, gentlemen, and our thanks to Rcgiantscaleairplanes for posting this unforgettable video to YouTube!


Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:59 PM


  1. Awesome and Well done. The hand’s across the head,just before the run up. Symbolic of all first flight’s.

  2. Wow, that’s something. No wonder balsa’s getting hard to find lol

  3. Awesome 🙂

  4. Awesome flight…

  5. Felicidades y mucha tenacidad.

  6. Wunderbar! Gratulieren meine Herren.:)

  7. I was curious as to what it’s payload capacity is. How many pounds can it carry?

  8. Amazing!!! Our friends across the pond sure like their big models!!

  9. Fan-Flocking-Tastic! WOW! and WOW!

  10. Noisy like the real thing!

  11. Uh, Mr. Tiano, these guys are going to need an invite to Monster Planes 2014… It would be very nice to see something that actually fits the name of the event… I’m sure AMA can bend some rules for such a display once a year.

  12. Beautiful, great job. The detail is awesome. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  13. Thank you Debora, for showing our video on !!!
    We also say thank you to all the viewers, especially those which have left a comment!
    If you like watching the video, there is much more to discover at your YouTube channel. Have a look 🙂
    Happy flying to all of you.
    Best reagrds, RCSA

  14. Next up: low inverted passes.

  15. ALL!! I can say is Awesome!!! A GREAT PLANE YOU HAVE THERE.
    A little bit Ruff landing oh!! But you got her down Great Job.

  16. Bellissimo, maestoso, bravi. Complimenti veri !!!

  17. I will never forget going into the bowels of a real B-24 Liberator at an airshow several years ago. It was a very impressive thing, and how those pilots and crew managed to fly it while dealing with enemy fire makes those guys very special in my book.

  18. Absolutely phenomenal looking plane. Great work. I got a chance to tour a real one in our small hometown last year and it was quite an experience. Now when you get that thing home, where do you put it?!

  19. Ausgezeichnet! Outstanding effort and understandable jubilation. Bet there was plenty of Beck’s around after they left the field.

  20. Gostei muito! è do que gosto escala pura!


  22. Best not take it to Tokyo and fly it there!! VERY realistic!! Congrats!!

  23. Amazing workmanship and a successful maiden flight. Congratulations to all involved. It is really great to see models of this size fly so well. The pilots skill is evident and certainly I can understand his nervousness at the start of the flight. Who would not be nervous?

  24. Brave man at the controls. Congrats for a HUGE job well done……..Peter

  25. Another thing, when I served in the Airforce in the mid to late 1950s, there were several 25s there. While I was crewchief on F86 L I wished I could have been on the 25s……Peter

  26. wow awesome!!!!! congrats to the builders and pilot that plane is worthy of a museum.

  27. Absolutely amazing! Congratulations to all involved. My hat is off to your superior building skills and knowledge!!!

  28. that was incredible, big is beautiful boys….

  29. If you didn’t know it was an RC B-25, when those Moki radials started up and idling, you’d swear you were standing next to a full scale B-25. Absolutely awesome.

  30. It is truly a magnificent model and I am glad it survived its first flight. I would think people with the experience these gentlemen had would have waited for better conditions. Late on an overcast evening disorientation can befall even experienced flyers. It would have been a real shame to see five years of labor undone on a dim, dark day rather than wait for better visibility.

  31. Increible, solo falta oir la defensa antiaerea, lol jaja, felicidades

  32. Great airplane and graet Maiden flight. It was a treat to watch. Congrats!

  33. Many thanks for sharing this video of the very large, extremely well built, and spectacular B-25J. It’s the best RC model of a B-25 that I have ever seen!

  34. I was mesmerized while watching the plane rise into the fog and turn with the gear still down. It is a beautiful piece of work and design. Congratulations on your success.

  35. Great airplane , but I remember Byron’s original, flying just as nice B-25’s ,B-17 and B-29 over 30 years ago. Byron put on the best air show and some of the best engineered kits. one could hope to buy. .He had some of the best ever model builders building and flying large scale planes.30 foot wing span B-29 using two radios too fly the model.

  36. Hey guy’s that’s a really good job with that B-25 it’s a great looking bird and great detail to the work and must i tell you she sounds awsome great plane

  37. i did built one 8 years a ago and still hanging i lost my plans to incidence it it has 12 foot wing but yours sure looks good

  38. This REALLY peaked my interest. Outstanding. The detail is amazing. My Father flew in a plan just like this during WWII. I mean.. like the tail emblem depicts the 325 Bomb group..”The Air Apaches”.which he was assigned to. He was a flight engineer and had 39 missions. This group fought in the South Pacific. I wish he could be here to see this…Thank You! This is a keeper!

  39. What was the total construction cost?

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