Amazing indoor flying!

Amazing indoor flying!

Here at Model Airplane News we like all sorts of model airplanes so today we bring you something a little bit different.

Indoor flying models often feature amazing construction techniques in building light and efficient and nothing will teach you more about pure aerodynamics than flying indoor models. It also has the benefit of never raining, snowing, or being too windy!  Enjoy!


Updated: March 7, 2023 — 1:53 PM

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  1. So-o-o-o enjoyed the beautiful indoor powered glider. I enjoy the “big boys” also, but in the 60’s, when microfilm was used, those graceful, “flapping wonders were sure great to watch. The high school gym doubled as the indoor meet location. Thank You So much! Also, do you have any idea about a MAN plan in the early 60’s that had a Stuka Stunt, some Wakefield model, and a great bi-plane? Been tryin’ to find that bi-plane for 60 years!

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