And the Winners Are… Toledo Show Gold

And the Winners Are… Toledo Show Gold

The MAN team as always had a great time attending the annual Toledo show. We especially like to see all the amazing scale and sport models in the Static competition, which is always a big reason to attend. This year all the models were great and many were truly world class. Here are the official stats for the contestant’s standings. Congratulations to all the winners

Best of Show: Philip Soden, DH 60G Gipsy Moth

image (8)

People’s Choice: Jeffery Fiscus, FW 190A-3


Best Finish (paint): Daniel Grotzinger, Mach 1.


Best Finish (Film): Mark Rittinger, Lowers-Minges LM-1

image (35)

Designer Scale

1. Philip Soden, DH 60G Gipsy Moth

image (8)

2. Jeffery Fiscus, FW 190A-3


3. Martin Ervine, Nieuport 17CI


Military Sport Scale Plane


1. Jeffery Fiscus, A6Me Model-32 Zero


2. Doug Wolfe, F4U-1D Corsair

image (20)

3. John Zimmerman, Messerschmitt Bf 109

Non-Military Sport Scale Plane

image (10)

1. Earl Haury, Curtiss JN4-D

image (37)

2. Keith Shaw, SparrowJet

3. Bill Cecchetti Sr., Fly Baby

Jet Category


1. Terry Nitch, A-10 Warthog


2. Curtis Wade, F-4J Phantom

image (15)

3. Jack Swint, F-3B Demon



1. Bradley Jared, AH-1F Cobra


2. Jim Ryan, Kaman HH-43 Huskie

3. Jeff Gillman, Eagle II

Sport Plane

1. Chuck Gratner, Riley Model-B


2. Mark Rittinger, Omen II


3. John Hoover, Big Wing 90


Vintage Plane

1. Harold Parenti, Canoli


2. Daniel Grotzinger, Mach 1

3. David Platt, KingPin

R/C Sailplane


1. Tom Scully, Challenger

2. Norman Poti, Grand Espirit

3. Jerry Sharp, Aquila Grande

Aerobatic Plane


1. Ron Muir, Yak 54

2. Joe Hass, Micro Osiris

3. Matt Schafer, Addiction X








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  1. Why is1st place vintage plane and Best finish listed as the same plane with different owners?

    1. Daniel Grotzinger’s Mach 1 was Best Finish – Paint, as well as 2nd Place – Vintage. 1st Place – Vintage was Harold Parenti, with no photo of his plane.
      Confusing because titles for pics move from top to bottom…

  2. Wasn’t there an Old Timer category this year?

    1. Yes there was a Vintage plane category.

    2. Great show. Wish i could have gone. Thanks to Gerry and the club members. Such an event is very tough to put on which alot of folks are unaware. I have promised myself for the last 20 years to make it to Toledo but life happens. Always look forward to seeing the pics and winners. Great job folks!

  3. There are some fantastic examples of craftsmanship in the photos above, but there are also some that appear ridiculously out of place. For those of us that don’t have the ability to attend, can you please better explain the format and rules for judging?

    For an outsider, it makes absolutely no sense to me that an Addiction X [or any other ARF] would make the top 3 in a static event. Did he build his differently than the million of other Addiction X’s seen at the field on any given weekend? Is there anything custom about it at all or is it an award for just buying and assembling a cool airplane?

    I guess what I don’t understand is, are these awards given to the manufacturer of the plane, the builder, the static display or simply to the design? I don’t really see how the Osiris or Carden makes the cut either.

    1. Hi Bradley, thanks for your comments. Judging such a large competition I would think is a very hard job, and all done by unpaid club members doing the best they can with the time allowed. I think the Weak Signals gang always do a great job. If you want to know what the rules are, go to the Toledo Show website and check out the docs there:

  4. One question to ask are all those planes been flown? Because why can’t I just get a plastic model kit and tweek it out and enter it Whats to stop that from happening ?? Nice models but how about flight of model documentation? Or I can see stuff like that at a plastic model show ?

  5. Terry, although the pic doesn’t show it very well, Hal Parenti’s Vintage plane “Canoli” is the all red plane with the white letters HP an the vertical stab. It is behind the red and blue best finish plane. Don’t know why someone didn’t take a separate picture of it like the rest.

  6. You have the Wrong Bf 109. It was the Desert campaign scheme Bf 109. Not the Eastern front paint scheme! I know because I judge the models.

    1. Thanks Scott. proper Me 109 is now up.

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