And the Winners are! WRAM Show 2013

And the Winners are! WRAM Show 2013

Though many manufacturers and distributors of RC equipment and products come each year to the WRAM Show,  for many, the heart of the show is the large collection of beautiful scale, sport and vintage models that show up to compete in the scale competition. Compared to last year, which was the first time the WRAM Show was held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in NJ, this year’s competition was back with a vengance! There were many new never before seem models and all were of the highest quality and finish! If you like RC planes, this is the place to be. And the winners are… See below!

Winners of the 2013 WRAM show Static Competition


Place                     Name                                    Model


Civilian  WRAM Show 2013

1                              Rick Boyer                           Ryan STA Special

Clipped Wing WRAM Show 2013

2                              Jack Buckley                       Clipped Wing Cub


3                              Michael Plot                       Aeronca C-3

Electric Scale

Aeronca C-3

1                              Sal Calvagna                       Me-163 Komet

2                              Robert Caso                       SBD Dauntless

3                              Mike Spease                      Anderson Kingfisher



1                              Wojtek Iwanczyk             Bell 412

Huey WRAM Show

2                              Tiago Carvalho                 Huey

3                              Tiago Carvalho                  Augusta A-109


1                              Mica McCarthy                 P-51 Mustang “Big Beautiful Doll”

2                              Annika Haakonsen          Spirit Glider

3                              Evan Miller                        Piper Cub


1                              Brian Beer                          Bulldog

2                              Aleksey V. Lomov            Sbacb 342

Post WW1-Military

A6M5 Zero WRAM Show

1                              Vic Macaluso                       A6M5 Zero

P-51D Mustang “Double Trouble” WRAM Show

2                              Mike McMichen                 P-51D Mustang “Double Trouble”


3                              Marshal Gross                    P-51D “Miss Detroit”


Albatros D.Va WRAM Show

1                              Andy Marone                    Albatros D.Va

Bleriot   XI WRAM Show

2                              Kark H. Jacob                   Bleriot   XI

Fokker Dr.1 WRAM Show

3                              Jay Newler                        Fokker Dr.1

Stand-off Scale

1                              Jim Plucinsky                     Albatros D.III

2                              Rob Caso                             Sopwith Camel

3                              Brian Beer                           Glasair

Vintage R/C

1                              John Plasko                        Commodore

2                              Bob Noll                               Flacon 56

3                              Bob Noll                               Yankee

Designer Scale

1                              Gunny Bumburs                  PT-19

 PT-19 WRAM Show

Special Achievement     Mario Tavarez     F-15E Eagle

  F-15E Eagle WRAM Show

Best Paint Finish              Rick Boyer          Ryan STA Special (Sponsored by Model Airplane News)

Best Monokote                  Brian Beer           Challenger II

Bristol Beaufighter WRAM Show

Best in Show                      David Wigley      Bristol Beaufighter


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  1. Nice pictures Gerry. I miss the WRAMS. The only downside of life in Florida is we don’t have any big gatherings of the manufacturers. Of course we do get Florida Jets, Top Gun, and others. There needs to be a big trade show in Tampa. What better place in the dead of winter…

    1. Thanks Tony! Living in Florida does have its advantages!

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