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Are you an RC geek?

Are you an RC geek?

It’s time for The Radio Control Show Question of the Day. Today we ask: When do you know you’ve become an RC geek? Join in the discussion on facebook!

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 12:09 PM
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  1. When you start sanding on a F-16 getting it ready to paint and find out that your Best Friend is knocking on the Shop Door trying to get in and he finds that you went to sleep with the wing in your hand sanding on it….WOW!! You are a RC GEEK!!

  2. You know you are an RC Geek when you assemble your own FPV transmitter and receiver and modify everything , even mounting the goggles into snow goggles and make the whole thing compact enough to be worn while flying!

  3. When the lady at the Post office exclaims ..another RC part Bill? in the crowded shop siggggh

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