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Arrows RC Bigfoot

Arrows RC Bigfoot

When it comes to flying off rough sod runways, nothing beats the ground handling of a bish plane with big, fat tundra tires. The new 1300mm Bigfoot from Arrows RC is a great example of a “fly out of anywhere” RC sport plane.

Resembling a Cessna 150 with a Texas Taildragger modification, this ARF is molded from EPO foam for great durability and light weight. All you have to include is a receiver and transmitter, and a flight battery pack. We text flew our Bigfoot using a Spektrum DX9 and an AR6210X receiver. For a battery we used a Kinexsis 2200mAh 3S 11.1V pack.

Assembly takes about 15 minutes, the wings, landing gear and tail surface are all held in place with screws, and there is no other assembly required except for attaching the control linkage for the rudder and elevator servos.

The model comes with all the servos, the motor and the ESC installed and the Bigfoot has functional flaps. A nice touch is the vortex generators molded into the surface of the wing which helps slow speed performance and the flashing LED navigation and landing lights.

Overall, this is a great sport flyer that’s easy enough to be used as a taildragger trainer. With a span of 51.1 inches and a length of 41.7 inches, the Bigfoot can fit in any car for easy transport to your favorite flying site.

Watch for a full Flight Test Review in an upcoming issue of Model Airplane News

Updated: October 31, 2019 — October 31, 2019

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