Auction Time – Kingston RC Club Sat Feb 18th

Auction Time – Kingston RC Club Sat Feb 18th

Just a quick note!

The Kingston Radio Control Club will be hosting its annual Auction on Saturday Feb 18th starting at 10am – at the RCAFA club building located out at the Kingston Airport. You can’t miss it! It has a yellow Harvard on a pedestal out front.

Bring you gently used stuff and go home with a bargin.  I’ve attended this event many times and they are right.  Don’t be late – See you there! RC Club

The KRCM Auction is Saturday, Feb.18, 1100 hours at the RCAFA Club at Kingston Airport, where the Harvard is mounted. The doors will be open at 1000 hours, to allow for set-ups, registration, sign-up for lunch, etc.

Clear out those Hangar Queens. If you haven’t flown them for months or years, you don’t need them. Dig out and dust off that old kit that you’re never “gonna get around to” building. Tools, engines (especially if you are a convert to the E-flying game), even radio gear – it’s all welcome. Turn this into cash, then buy someone else’s stuff.

Those of us who pretty much live for the Annual KRCM Auction have picked up some sweet deals in the past. You cannot afford to miss a great opportunity. Make your family and friends proud of your great business sense!

A really nice gesture would be to DONATE something to the Club to auction off. Donated items have really made the difference in financial success of past Auctions.

Hint: Do not forget to bring lots of cash. Getting a loan from the grocery money or the kid’s college fund is always a good idea.

Plan to get there in good time, register (FREE, of course!), set up your stuff on a table, sign up for food and relax.

Make use of the RCAFA bar for soft drinks and other libations, popcorn and tater chips, etc.

Throw a buck or two into the 50/50 draw – you may become a very RICH person. As we did last year, we give the other half to the RCAFA, as they waive the usual rental fee for this day.

Browse around, check out the wares, meet others, and get ready for the main event.

Then, the fun really begins:

* The Auction itself will get underway as soon as Registration is completed.

* Pizza, subs, etc., should arrive shortly after noon.

* The 50/50 draw will take place by 1230.

* We have a highly experienced Auction Team ready to spring into action. Keep them busy, make them happy.

* Our Auction System allows Paricipants to settle up at any time, in case you have to leave early.

* We expect to wrap things up by 1600 hours or so.

Support our Club and our hobby, come on out and … HAVE FUN!

Note: The Club receives 10% as commission on all sales.

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