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Aussie Spitfire in 1/4 Scale

Aussie Spitfire in 1/4 Scale

This 1/4-scale Spitfire sports the scheme of a full-size Mk VIII aircraft that’s still flying and based at the Temora Aviation Museum in New South Wales, Australia. Built by Malcom Harle from the Flying Legends kit designed by Mike Booth, the 110-inch-span plane is powered by a Desert Aircraft 85cc gas engine turning a 26×10 prop. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon, who videotaped Malcom flying in 15mph winds — with a crosswind! — at the Greenacres meet in Walsall, UK.

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  1. Wow, sweet plane, and flight!

  2. Wow! Nice airplane; looks great in the air – unmistakable silhouette. Fine aerobatics and realistic ground-handling. Loved hearing the throttle action. Landed a little long after one of the flights did we?

  3. an beautiful model and an very well made video of an magnificent flight. I want to ask once again if anybody can give me the sizes and shapes of the body formers and the wing and tailplane ribs for an 103 inch wing span mustang it would be highly appreciated, and if therte is an cost just let me know regards HANS

  4. Very nice plane and a great video. The engine however sounds horrible, like a mad hornet. Terrible choice of muffler.

    1. Haters gonna hate…

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