Aviation Legend: Interview with Gen. Chuck Yeager

Aviation Legend: Interview with Gen. Chuck Yeager

On the occasion of his 95th birthday, we celebrate General Yeager and hope you’ll enjoy watching this interview from 2016 as much as we did. He is an amazing human being … they don’t make ’em like that anymore!


  1. Maybe the title should be “The First Man to Break the Sound Barrier … and LIVE to talk about it!”

  2. Fascinating interview. If you are interested in airplanes this is a must watch.

  3. This vid is well worth the 1hr-35min spent(I wasn’t going to watch the whole thing). I’ve always been a fan of Gen.Yeager and found this interview to be inspiring; his honesty and candor reveal much about an outstanding individual.

  4. Very interesting! Many insights into developments of aviation that have resulted in today’s capabilities and accomplishments. It is worth the time spent to watch for anyone interested in aviation development.

  5. Glued to it and skipped dinner. Great talk. Love it. Keep exposing us to more content like this.

  6. He’s from West Virginia and Yeager International Airport in Charleston is named after him. I left Michigan to be a grad student at Marshall University, and I still try to keep up on all things model aviation.

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