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Avitron Flying Bird

Avitron Flying Bird

Man has always wanted to fly like a bird and for years wing-flapping machines and models have been in development. Even Leonardo da Vinci made famous sketches for a Man-carrying machine. Known as Ornothopters, these bird-like RC models are a lot of fun to fly. Available from RCFlyingBird.com he latest to hit the market is the Avitron Bionic Bird and it is so easy to fly, anyone can enjoy flying like a bird… check it out!

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The Bionic Birds has a wingspan of almost 13-inches and is about 6.6 inches long. It comes with a radio, spare wings and radio stick toppers and complete instructions.

The model is powered by a 40mAh Lipo battery pack and the transmitter has a built in charger.

The model has an adjustable tail that helps control the forward speed of the Bionic Bird, so you can trim it for the size area you are flying in. The model is so easy to fly that anyone can be successful the very first time out. Hold the bird in your hand, apply about 50% power and launch it into the wind. You have full left and right control and your control the climb with power (left stick.)

Give the new Bionic Bird from Avitron a try… This one really works and flies great.


Updated: July 26, 2012 — 10:52 AM
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