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AXi 8112/8120 Outrunner Brushless Motors With Telemetry

AXi 8112/8120 Outrunner Brushless Motors With Telemetry

From Esprit Tech:
Esprit is proud to introduce the new AXi 8112 and 8120 series motors. These motors are designed with the ultimate in efficiency and weight management in mind. Using a large diameter motor allows for a much shorter stator stack to reduce weight while still producing large amounts of power. 36 poles mean that the motors will run very smoothly and efficiently. Bearings have been added in strategic spots to handle the heavy load from larger propellers. At the moment, we offer two sizing options, each with two Kv offerings, meaning that there is an 81 series motor for whatever you are flying, from a competition F3A airframe to a 3rd scale model. Of course, don’t forget about the integrated Jeti Telemetry that is offered by the 3D Extreme series motors!
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