AXi Multirotor Motors

AXi Multirotor Motors

From Esprit Model:

These little 250 size motors are great for your quad! Don’t let the small size fool you. These motors are made with the same technology as the AXi V2 motor series; you will get nothing short of quality and performance.


Kv (rpm/V):     2300
Max Power (W):     300W
Max Amp (5sec):     20A
Max Efficiency:     77%
Io (No load A):     0.8A
Rm (Resistance):     0.320Ohm
Shaft Diameter:     5mm
Gearbox:     N/A
Motor Diameter:     27.5mm
Motor Length:     18mm
Motor Weight:     24g
Built in Fan:     N/A
Max Rpm:     40,000
Poles:     14
Case:     Outrunner
ESC Timing:     15-20 deg
ESC Switching Freq.:     8kHz
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AXi Multirotor Motors

Updated: July 17, 2016 — 3:24 PM
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