1. What is the deal with these huge RC models in Europe? These things have got to be extremely expensive,and complicated to build. Do these folks have more money than sense. It looks like a very interesting project, are these guys building movie props or something! All I can say is wow!

    1. No, they don’t have more money than sense but they do have way more discretionary money and spare time than we in the USA have because they have many social programs the assist them in not having to save every penny for their future.
      Also the European model industry is lucky in having many nations contributing their own niche products.

  2. Please confirm the scale in the title of the article.

  3. Simply put,,, Fantastic. I can only imagine the passion that went into this phenominal build. It is such scale perfection from looks, through flight, and the sound of those beautiful Moki radials.
    Kudos on this one. It ticks all the boxes for me.

  4. nice plane enjoyed the video

  5. buty of a plane just awsome

  6. love the plane and the size of it is just great…

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