Balsa USA 1/4-Scale Deluxe Nicopress Starter Set

Balsa USA 1/4-Scale Deluxe Nicopress Starter Set

If you know the name Balsa USA chances are you have at least a passing interest in WW 1 airplanes. Many of these WW 1 classic warbirds are biplanes and some of these require rigging wires to add strength to their airframe. If you are simply adding flying wires to your model for show, then you can make them as simple as possible as the airplane won’t be relying on the rigging wires for structural integrity. But if you are building  larger 1/4 and 1/3 scale airplanes, many of these do require functional rigging. You have to install the correctly so you don’t suffer an in flight failure of a wing panel or tail surface. That’s where the new ¼-scale Deluxe Nicropress Starter Set comes in.


BUSA2The great thing about using the NicoPress system, is that the cables, for both flying wires, tail rigging and control surface pull-pull cable systems, look correct and very close to scale, an added bonus for the static judging score. Included in the package are the swage, (crimping) tool, a multiple-size sleeve gauge, 36 copper oval sleeves and 30 feet of 1/32-inch braded steel cable. The instructions show the specifications for the proper crimps to use for each sleeve based on the cable size you are using. For the included 1/32-inch cable, a single crimp is needed per sleeve, which is also the same for 3/64- and 1/16-inch cables. Two crimps are required for 3/32 inch cables and three are required for 1/8-inch cables. The tool included in the ¼-sale Starter Set has jaws for 1/32-, 3/64- and 1/16-inch cable sizes.


I use, the tool is very easy hold and it also has two cutting sections one on either side of the jaws. To produce a swaged sleeve, simple slide the end of the cable into one of the openings in the sleeve, bring the cable back around and insert the end back into the other opening forming a cable loop. Place the sleeve in to proper section of the tool’s jaws keeping it 90-degrees to the tool and squeeze. For my test, I used the gauge to check the thickness of the swagged sleeve and it required a second squeeze for it to fit properly. It takes less than a minute to swag a loop into the end of your length of cable.

If you want to enjoy your giant scale WW1 biplanes without fear of a rigging wire letting go during flight, this Nicropress Starter Set is great way to get the job done. Priced at $47.30 I think you’ll find it an excellent value.

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