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Turbine-powered Batwing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Brought to us by the same guy who built a fire-breathing turbine powered flying dragon last year, Rick Hamel the Dark Knight’s Batwing plane was front and center on the competition table at the Toledo Show. This amazing model is all-composite, created with Rick’s self-designed molds. It took a year and half to build and uses a JetCat P160 turbine for power.

Turbine-powered Batwing!

The ends of the wings and the inner trailing edges are hinged for control

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Taking 1.5 years to build, this completely composite built aircraft is powered by a JetCat P-160 turbine engine and it has onboard start. Truly amazing!

Turbine-powered Batwing!

Updated: August 11, 2015 — 9:46 AM


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  1. Saw this at the Toledo show! Builder said the exaust was 1500 degrees. Dont know how well it flys, no video like last years winner, the green dragon, but awsome build!

  2. Incredible how this hobby can be. Congratulations to Rick Hamel. It is necessary see how fly.


    All of Rick’s model fly ! , here is a video of the Dragon flying before paint ! 😉 its been posted for quite some time now ..

  4. Congratulations to Rick Hamel on another OUTSTANDING model. Where can we get more details on it’s construction and specifications? Also, is there a video available of it in flight? Thanks!!

  5. It seems to me that Rick Hamel is the perfect combination of artist, engineer, and visionary that inspires us to do better. I fly too many ARFs because of the lack of dilligence and artistic talent shown by people like Rick. The hobby shops are becoming barren of balsa and other scratch building supplies. Rick is an inspiration to all of us.

  6. I too saw this at Toledo last Friday and am amazed by what comes out of his shop. What’s next year, the Flying Sub?

  7. Awesome! Would love to see some flight video.

    1. I have a vid of the batwing on vhs tape (it is 11 years old)plan to post a new high def version this summer

  8. Holly cow batman!

  9. I was at the Toledo show and saw the Batwing..Great job..Very well done..Are there any videos of it flying?

  10. keep up the great work, you are a very encouagine guy , thats what this hobby is all about , and I am just new newbe into it thanks

  11. an incredible model makes you want to have one,

  12. I found this through the link on That Batwing looks amazing! So does that Batman.

  13. Yep.. if you want to see a flight video of a Bat wing in action come check it out friends.

  14. Hello Rick. Amazing workmanship on your various projects. I ran across old data that said you may have molds for the DB5-j originally made by Byron. Are offering any production from those molds?

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