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Battery Tip, out at the field

Battery Tip, out at the field

Here is a nice little tip on how to keep your electric motor off even if the battery needs to be connected so you can head out to the flightline.  This safety device will prevent the motor from running up until you are ready for takeoff.

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Updated: July 23, 2015 — 3:49 PM
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  1. good idea but you dont say what to connect it to ?

  2. Good point Crispin, here is what you need. The two wires going from the battery to the ESC have a break in one of the wire that is solder to a female deans connect in the fuselage. In my case this is a “Y” connector that has one male and two female connectors on it. I posted a picture of the connector on my blog if you would like to see it. It is located at:
    Or just click on blogs above and selected Editors.

  3. goes to a deans wired in the + lead between battery and ESC.

    MPI sells a safety disconnect harness already wired up. Just install the “switch” in the fuselage side and plug between motor and battery.
    at the bottom of the page items 6790, 6792 …

  4. yer but unless you got one battery for your servos and rx and one for motor surely when you got the plug out servos have no power but yours are working with plug out?

    but yer good idea i have one plane that you have to take wing off each time to plug battery in or change batterys

  5. Very true Crispin, there is a battery for the receiver and servos that is on a separate switch. The large battery pack only powers the motor so this allows you to have a different kill switch for that. Many higher voltage ESC will not have a BEC installed, so you need a separate flight pack for them anyway.

  6. well i think its a great idea
    i put one in my electric mini jaz as its a battery in via the wing off
    many thanks

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