Bee-lieve it or Not: 13-foot Bulldog Racer!

Bee-lieve it or Not: 13-foot Bulldog Racer!

We’ve always thought that Golden Age racers had a lot of personality, with their enormous radial engines and interesting wing designs, but Harald Jezek’s sport scale version of a Springfield Bulldog racer has personality plus! The 13.8-foot-span gull-wing flyer is powered by a Vallach 420cc gas engine and weighs in at 127 pounds. Thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this great video at the Quax Fly-In in Lippstadt, Germany and posting it on YouTube so we all can enjoy it.

Check out that sport-scale bee wing detail!

flying bulldog


Updated: July 23, 2015 — 10:02 AM


  1. I watched the Bulldog video last night, very interesting aircraft. BTW Horst’s video skills rival the best of Hollywood.

  2. Impressive modeling accomplishment. The radial engine is just right for this racer!
    The real airplane was not such such a good performer, being considerably slower than the Gee Bee
    airplanes that Hall had a hand in designing. The Bulldog was even more unstable than the GeeBee’s. The big wheel pants placed far ahead of the CG acted like forward fins, thus the extremely large vertical fin. I think this model probably flies better than the original. Can’t even imagine how poor the pilot visibility would have been!
    Really good video and sound – exciting to watch!!

    1. Thank you for your compliments, which I really appreciate. I’m very pleased to know, that you liked watching the video.
      _Best regards, RCSA_

  3. Love the sound of the radial as it makes flybys.

  4. Incredible sound! I’ve never seen the “Bee” color scheme on the Bulldog before.
    The account I recall was that Hall tried a rather exotic exhaust system on the Bulldog, which he never got working properly.

  5. Hello everyone,

    How can I get the plans of this amazing Bulldog Racer (or other smaller scale), for Nitro-Gas Engine?

    Thank you!

  6. Good afternoon:

    I would like to know where I could find printed plans for this model in a ~100″ span. Or if someone makes a kit.

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