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Behind the Scenes: How speed controllers are made

Behind the Scenes: How speed controllers are made

Recently I got to take a tour through the Castle Creations factory in Olathe, KS.  I really enjoyed my visit there and I found that making speed controls was a much bigger production than I had imagined.  In this video Lee Estingoy takes us through the assembly line at the Castle factory to see how speed controls are produced.

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Updated: July 15, 2015 — 5:04 PM
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  1. for some reason i just LOVE this… 😉 Great to see American Tech at work..

  2. I think this shows why we “get what we pay for”. Can you imagine that kind of attention to detail in some third world country back ally shop?

  3. Thats why ALL my aircraft have Castle Creations ESCs in them!

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