Best in the West Jet Rally

Best in the West Jet Rally

Over this last weekend the Best in the West Jet Rally had its 25th event in Buttonwillow, CA.  This event drew in over 130 Pilots from all over the country and the world.  One of the many outstanding jets at this event was Barry Hou’s (Pasadena, CA) outstanding Skymaster F-14.  This great looking warbird had retractable wings just like the full size counterpart.  We were lucky enough to attach a GoPro camera to this bad boy and get some great aerial footage, including a very close near miss.  Enjoy the photos.


Berry starting up the F-14 (notice the GoPro camera)


On the flightline ready for takoff.


Open wing pass (ground Camera)


Open wing pass (ground Camera)


Open wing pass (GoPro Camera)


Closed wing pass (ground Camera)


Closed wing pass (ground Camera)


Closed wing pass (GoPro Camera)


WOW, that was close!

Best_in_the_West-8806 Best_in_the_West-8807  

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  1. Sir: What a beautiful airplane. I wish I could have been there to see it fly. I am 86 now and have quit flying my models. I have sold my jet but to a fellow club member. As a retired jet fighter pilot (30 years) I still love to watch
    the guys and gals fly their airplanes. I think this sport is the greatest for all. May you have many more happy flights and landings. Take care. Sincerely, Challen W Irvine (call sign: Martini).

  2. I was one of 12 cofounder of California R/C jet association we took over best of the west on the second year .after that History.and thank you for all the mags.of this event

  3. Hi Barry;
    It’s me ”Eugene” from Canada. We met at the IJMC in Ohio.
    How are you? Very inpressive plane you got there. Love the look.
    Thanks for sharing the photo’s with us. Hope to see you again.
    I will be at the Kentucky Jet Rally next year. Hope to see you there.

    All the best
    Eugene ”Team Trinidad & Tobago”

  4. Fantastic job building this bird. I was in the Navy when the Tom Cat was operational and it is probably my favorite jet plane (the A-10 Thunderbolt, AKA Wart Hog is my 2nd favorite jet). I loved being out at sea and watching the pilots put the ladies through their paces… aerial ballet. Even more fun when the Russians tried to come close and show off their skills (during the Iranian hostage crisis, Indian Ocean, Gonzo and Kermit stations). We would watch the radar in CIC and literally hold our breath as we watched the display and listened to the pilots chatter. Watching this video was just like watching the real thing except the squadron was the Jolly Rogers if I remember correctly. Bravo Zulu, a model to be proud of!

  5. How do I find out when and where these jets fly, so that I may get out and see them ?
    Have a great week, (Bill ) W. West

  6. I thought there was a video to watch?

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