WW I Award Winner: Brian Perkins’ Bristol Scout

WW I Award Winner: Brian Perkins’ Bristol Scout

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Close up or on the wing, Brian’s Bristol Scout is an amazing scale masterpiece


There were so many great models and talented RC builders and pilots at the Annual WW1 RC Jamboree, it was impossible to check out all of them at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. One excellent flyer that shows up regularly is Brian Perkins from Kingston, Ontario Canada with his 35% scale Bristol Scout. Brian scratch built his Model-D and it is a true masterpiece. Brian always flies up a storm during the Jamboree and he has won many awards over the years for his efforts. Check out our flightline video interview below:

Updated: July 21, 2021 — 11:56 AM


  1. Truly beautiful piece of avionic history. What are the engine details please.

    1. Thankyou for the kind compliments gentlemen. I have just logged my 300th flight on the Bristol Scout. It is my everyday flyer!
      Powered by a DLE-111, I am able to swing a nice big 28″ dia. prop, but seldom use more than half throttle. Although it is a floater, I have never had a deadstick landing, so that speaks well to the reliability of the DLE engine.
      The aircraft is scale in dimension including the size of the very effective rudder. The stabilizer is built with a scale lifting section as was the design in 1913. That goes against what we now know! Imagine the stab falling off your model! What happens? The aircraft tumbles head over heels! Therefore, the stabilizer in fact keeps the tail down! The Germans in WW1 had it right. Their Phaltz design had a stabilizer with curved airfoil section on the bottom!

  2. Does this plane have relaxed longitudinal stability, i.e., is the horizontal stabilizer lift directed upwards?

    Thank you

    José Rabello

    1. It’s most likely that only the builder could answer that question.

  3. SUPER! Love it.
    Nice job on the airplane and interview.

  4. Really nice article!!!
    I’m a big fan of scale WWI biplanes!!

    Looking forward to seeing more

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