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  1. Hey video guy, check our gear and wear headphones. Worst audio I’ve ever heard on a so called pro video.

    Nice plane, good pilot..

    1. Wow! I would think having video shot from the flying field would be of good value. Nitpicking quality suggests you think we have a whole production team only doing video and editing video. Truth be known, all our editors do all the work, fly, write, photograph and shoot video often on a tripod and under deadline pressure. Sorry you don’t appreciate the effort.

  2. Hi Guys, where can this plane be purchased.

    1. You can buy it at Hobby People: http://www.hobbypeople.net. It’s a nice twin!!

  3. Gerry,
    the work is appreciated! People just love to complain! Sad so many people don’t enjoy things for what they are…..

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