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Monster Mitchell Bomber!

Monster Mitchell Bomber!

The amazing 1/3-scale B-25 bomber wowed the spectators and attendees at the Weston Park RC Show in the UK with its performance and its sound! The monsterous 326-pound B-25 Mitchell was flown by Roland Sabatschus, one of three brothers who spent more than 5 years building it. The 20-foot-span bomber is powered by twin 400cc Moki 4-strokes radial gas engines and was controlled by six receivers and 30 servos!! Thanks to  Peter and Dean Coxon (aka Tbobborap1) for capturing this flight on video.


Updated: October 1, 2018 — 11:45 AM
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  1. For sure a serious B25. Would love to see a few of these (truly) large scale events here in the US; Refreshing departure from the ARF variety. Pretty good piloting in what appears to be large trees in close proximity!

  2. A beautiful model.to few of us can only understand what effort it took to build this plane.It would have been a better video if we could have seen it without the constant chatter from the public address system.


  4. Nice B-25,I was wondering who kits those BF-109’s

  5. That B-25 is one of the truly great works of modeling the I have ever seen. The person that built is a real craftsman.The wing span is the same as my War FW-190 that I get in to fly it. My hat is off to the guy or guys that built it and fly it.

  6. WOW! What an airplane! Huge! My hat is off to him with a great deal of respect.

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