Monster B-25 Mitchell Bomber!

Monster B-25 Mitchell Bomber!

This amazing 1/3-scale B-25 bomber wowed the spectators and attendees at the Weston Park RC Show in the UK with its impressive performance and the sound of its radial engine! The monstrous, 326-pound B-25 Mitchell was flown by Roland Sabatschus, one of three brothers who spent more than 5 years building the bomber. With a 20-foot wingspan the bomber is powered by twin 400cc Moki 4-stroke radial gas engines and is controlled with six receivers and 30 servos!! Thanks to  Peter and Dean Coxon (aka Tbobborap1) for capturing this flight on video.


Updated: December 15, 2020 — 9:32 AM


  1. It’s all Good

  2. I flew the B-25 in pilot training at Enid AFB in 1957. Got my wings there. Noisy as hell.

  3. We have a real B-25 named SHOW ME at the C.A.F airfield locally. And when they fire up both engines the left engine fires right up the right engine is always a bitch to start. It eventually does fire up and I love the sound and feel of both of those Wright Whirlwinds running. I hope too get back out there and be bathed in the glorious sounds only two radial engines can produce.

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