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DIY Britten-Norman Defender

DIY Britten-Norman Defender

Here’s a sneak peek of a build it yourself construction article coming in the January 2021 issue of MAN.

Designed by Rich Uravitch, the Defender is a stretched version of the Britten-Norman Islander, the airplane you see in use everywhere in the Islands and small countries in commuter airline and short-haul utility roles.

From a modeling standpoint, it couldn’t be easier to build or fly. If you’re considering a sport scale twin, this one is it. You’ve even got the option of converting it to that Islander I mentioned, a couple of extra cuts with your hobby knife to reduce the length of the fuselage and you’re there.

This easy to build twin is stable and would make a great first trainer. Using conventional balsa and ply construction, molded plastic parts are available from the author.

Watch for the construction plan in the January 2021 issue of MAN!

Updated: October 14, 2020 — 3:09 PM

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