REALLY Big Blackbird!

REALLY Big Blackbird!

You don’t often see models of the SR-71 Blackbird, one of the most advanced spy planes used by the CIA. And you definitely don’t see 18-foot-long model jets!  In Israel last week, the world’s largest scale-model of a SR-71 Blackbird took flight. Built over 5 years by Gilad Olinki and flown by Ofir Babish, the 1/6-scale jet weighs 176 pounds and is powered by two turbines. A Weatronic radio provides the guidance. Nicely done!



Updated: March 31, 2016 — 11:45 AM


  1. Amazing Model, my hat is off to you.

  2. Amazing model airplane, a great challenge. Congratulations.

  3. Parabéns.

  4. Beautiful flying aircraft! Good work folks! Enjoyed the video!

  5. Could not take my eyes off of it and I’m not a turbine guy but this is one impressive model!

  6. After producing the Sunset Models, Blackbird in 1/12 scale for 30 years, seeing this “REALLY Big Blackbird” fly, is awesome.

  7. My God, what a magnificent model, the most impressive one I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot in my 50+ years involvement in the hobby! Kudos to the pilot too, smooth on the sticks! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I had to fly that the next day!

  8. A truly fabulous airplane. Incredible quality build and the pilot is superb!

  9. SR-71 video is unbelievable and outstanding!!

  10. Just the craftsmanship alone is amazing, but the pilot, is even more. He had that SR 71 only about a foot off the deck, at , what @ 100 mph. I really wonder what actually SR 71 pilots would think about this aircraft. Could you just imagine ISIS seeing this flying down on them.

    1. Tim,
      That is an amazing performance…an excellent model, excellent flight control.
      Forever beautiful.
      Ken Collins, A-12 & SR-71 Test Pilot

  11. Ouch…
    Can the real thing be that…real?

  12. Really cool. Hard to find the CG on this one.

    1. Great model excellent flying. Biggest thing I have flown is a quarter scale model. Don Phillips 82 years young…

  13. Nice work and model but do away with the music

  14. thank you all. indeed amasing project and flying. here is the vedeo of the testfligth and full landing.

  15. Beautiful!!….Just beautiful!! Back in 1968 I was stationed at Mt. Home AFB, Idaho and I saw this black bird outside a hangar with guards all around it. I didn’t know what it was until I got orders to Naha AB, Okinawa and I saw this thing coming in right behind a C-5. I was at Kadena AB, Okinawa when this bird landed. Some officer said it was a recon plane SR-71. Recon?? It had three red stars under the cockpit which signified that it had shot down 3 North Vietnamese jets.

  16. Absolutely fantastic. But can it fly pattern ?

  17. This is no joke. I am going to build a 71% SR-71, called a “JR-71”, at 76 feet long that will hold four people and will do Mach .95 (possibly Mach 1.3 over the ocean), with a series of ballistic parachutes for emergencies, and the same Pratt and Whitney engines used in a small business jet. Burt Rutan, famous Aeronautical Engineer lives about 30 miles from me in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (he retired from Scaled about 2.5 years ago), and he is good friends with Paul Allen, Microsoft Billionaire, who has many airplanes and is very interested in aviation. I think people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta will want one! You can get a 1.5 hour ride in it for $2,000, or if you are a qualified pilot (i.e. airline pilot) you can use it for $6,000 per day (get three friends to chip in). Email me at if you are interested. I will be doing a kickstarter campaign and putting in one million or more of my own money.

  18. Told my mates down under about this one and they were suitably impressed following our recent discussion on the real “sled.”

  19. thank you all. indeed amasing project and flying. here is the vedeo of the testfligth and full landing.

  20. ndeed amasing project and flying. here is the vedeo of the testfligth and full landing.

    1. Do you have a build kit for sale or full model? I’m interested thanks Johnny

  21. Why the f*** did they knock out the sound?

  22. That was awesome

  23. It was awesome

    1. Interested in a build like 18 foot sr71. Do I have a build kit or for sale build available? Please get back to me thanks

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