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Blade 360 CFX 3-Blade Head Conversion Set

Blade 360 CFX 3-Blade Head Conversion Set

Multi-blade mechanics have been an itch that the performance heli community has been anxious to scratch since flybarless technology broke ground. Up until now, finding out what it was like to fly a high-performance helicopter with a 3-blade head has been a significant investment. Now that the all-new Blade 360 CFX high-voltage heli is available, it’s time to play with the 3-blade performance sensation.


  • Increased cyclic performance
  • Increased stability at lower head speeds
  • Easy to update. No flybarless system changes needed



Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:57 AM
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  1. Why is no one putting specifics head speed wether or not the fact your unbalancing the heli by removing one washout arm why isn’t anyone getting down to the nitty gritty not all of us are ninja hello masters we need help and horizon there just telling us how great it is no directions worse than when I bought my chroma print some directions my god

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