Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic [VIDEO]

Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic [VIDEO]

Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic

From Blade:
The Blade® Theory™ Type W Team Edition race wing delivers outstanding performance that’s user-friendly out of the box. New black EPP foam construction offers unmatched durability for a wing in this size, with this speed. The variable-power video transmitter allows seasoned pilots to adjust to every environment or race they attend, while the OSD provides pilot name and voltage. Fully integrated flight components such as digital metal gear servos, newly optimized AS3X® stabilization technology and SAFE® technology provide rock solid stabilization at blazing speeds. The new, 2206-2450Kv brushless motor accepts 3S or 4S Li-Po batteries to suit mild or wild flying styles. Transport is a snap with the intuitively designed click-in wings and servo plug-ins. With all these features packed into such a compact airframe, there is still designated room for a Mobius or Legend style HD video camera, giving pilots the ability to record their high-speed soaring.

EPP Construction:

New molded EPP foam construction makes this airframe significantly more durable. The flexible, impact resistant material retains and returns to shape following a crash, and is highly resistant to bumps and dents in the foam. For wing racers that like to fly fast and low around immobile obstacles, this EPP airframe takes the stress out of pushing the limits.

Proven Airframe:

The Limited Edition Theory W Team Edition is a fresh take on the Bind-N-Fly race wing, while improving and retaining all the impressive features that made the original Theory W a World Champion. The aerodynamic design of the airframe remains the same, but now in the black molded EPP.

SAFE Technology with AS3X:

Launch Mode

Provides self-leveling and a 10 degree rate of climb at full throttle. This take the difficulty of launching a wing even if you are already in the FPV goggles. Just toss like a paper airplane and add full throttle, SAFE technology takes care of the rest.

AS3X Mode

Gives the pilot an unrestricted feeling with no bank angles, while retaining the benefits of AS3X for a stable and precise flight, even at break-neck speeds.

No Gyro Mode

Gives the pilot full control of the aircraft for high speed racing with no gyro stabilization. This mode is ideal for those wanting the feeling of direct input response from the aircraft, and those who intend to race this wing competitively where gyro systems are prohibited.

Plug in Wings (Patent Pending):

Unlike all other racing wings, the Theory W Team Edition has plug in wings that can be removed for travel. Fit it into your backpack, suitcase or back of your small sedan. Each wing plugs into the aircraft with a solid “CLICK” and is immediately ready for flight in a matter of seconds.

Team Edition Camera & Video Transmitter:

Installed in the airframe is the new Spektrum VT1000 adjustable power video transmitter with pit mode. This 5.8GHz transmitter allows pilots to choose between 25, 200, and 600mW power output all with the benefit of remote frequency control via your Spektrum Transmitter. Simple select the band, channel, and power output on your transmitter and the VT1000 will accurately tune to your selection. Additionally, we have chosen to include the Team Spektrum Runcam Swift 2 for crisp and clear video in any environment.

Improved Power System:

A beefed-up 4S power system takes this wing to the next level. A larger 2206-2450Kv motor and 5×5 performance propeller enable this wing to push speeds of 120+ MPH!

Other Key Features

Common Batteries – The 4S power system is ideal for quad or heli pilots who want a drop-in solution for common batteries

30Amp ESC w/ BEC – High current ESC provides an ideally tuned power system for speeds up to 100MPH while maintaining a lightweight profile

5×5 Glass Nylon Propeller – Improved propeller delivers high top end speed

SAFE® Technology – User-friendly launch mode provides confidence for pilots when flying this race-inspired wing

Re-Tuned AS3X System – Increased cornering performance and straight line handling.

With the flip of a switch disable the AS3X system – For races that do not allow the use of stabilization systems.

Limited Edition Trim Scheme – Team Edition trim scheme gives pilots a uniquely visual appearance when cutting through the air at impressive speeds


Material: Molded EPP
Wingspan: 760mm
Overall Length: 360mm
Flying Weight: 480g
Minimum Required Radio: DXe and up
Servos: 9g MG Servos
Approx Flying Duration: 5min
Approx Flying Speed: Up to 120MPH
Experience Level: Advanced
Recommended Environment: Outdoor

#BLH03045 – $299.99
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Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic Blade Theory Type W Team Edition BNF Basic

Updated: March 9, 2018 — 3:53 PM
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