12 O’clock High Video — Flightline Action and Highlights!

12 O’clock High Video — Flightline Action and Highlights!

If you like warbirds and giant scale RC planes, the 12’Oclock High event is the place to be. Our event report is coming up soon in the next issue of MAN and we had our own long time contributor Rich Uravitch on scene covering all the action for the magazine. Here’s a video highlight of all the amazing aircraft and pilots making it all happen at the Paradise Field run by Frank Tiano in Lakeland FL. From amazing WW1 biplanes to sleek turbine powered jets, and everything in between, check out this amazing video!

Video courtesy of Chris Seiler and Burning Visions.

Updated: November 10, 2016 — 12:30 PM


  1. I loved the planes what had guns on their wings what looked like they were firing & the one plane what dropped a bomb what exploded in fire ( which I thought was illegal) realy cool

    1. Jeff, It’s all CGI, I’m a 3D special fx / video artist (rc pilot too…thats my smoke’n spitfire and blue nose P-51)

  2. Terrific video and amazing planes. Especially enjoyed the WW 11 war birds with blazing machine guns and of course there is nothing like a biplane. I sent this to all my flying buddies. All the pilots deserve kuddos for both their planes and flying skills.

    1. What is world war eleven?

      1. Shelby,
        Are you NOT familiar with Roman numerals??????????

        1. Frank,
          Obviously YOU are not familiar with Roman numerals. It should be WWII NOT WW 11. Still, nice video and planes.

          1. gees guys…I had to go look at my graphic to be sure that didn’t say WW11 🙂

  3. Whoa! Takes your breath away. Love the ‘Jugs’. Liked all the planes! Nice clear shots. Frank even got his pitcher taken – along with a ‘few’ words!

  4. Truly outstanding video! I missed this year. but will definitely make it next year…

  5. Does anyone have pictures and detail of the P-39 shown at about the 1:07 point?

    1. See my photos here. Not really any detail shots, but some in flight shots.


  6. Really irritating jerky “special effects”. The special effect was to cause headaches.

  7. Terrific/amazing video and fantastic pilots and airplanes, congratulations to all
    who participated and helped – great job!!

  8. wow! 🙂 thanks friends… makes it worth the 25 hours of editing these RC video(s). On my channel YouTube Chris Seiler videos there’s more like this from my club

  9. Fantastic.

  10. Nice video work Chris. I don’t think people appreciate how much time and effort goes into making a video. I do a little video work on the side and was impressed with what you did.
    What camera do you shoot with? Thanks.

  11. OSMO system and Sony HXR-MC2000

  12. Great subjects, but over-edited. Too hard on the eyes. I stopped watching half-way through….

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