Booma RC’s Intelliswitch V2

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Booma RC’s Intelliswitch V2

Booma RC’s innovations for high performance and demanding giant scale pilot configurations includes the Intelliswitch V2. This extensively designed switch includes: Dual Bat (Battery redundancy), Dual Battery Voltage Monitor, Dual Battery mA Usage Monitor, Flight Timer, Flight Counter and Temperature monitor.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Booma RC’s Intelliswitch V2

Intelliswitch Features:

Microprocessor control – of 2 x independent high powered digital switching circuits.

Fail Safe Switching – of both batteries.

DualBat Battery Redundancy – if a battery fails (BRC-IS2A only).

Battery Voltage Monitoring – of each battery.

Lowest Battery Voltage since last battery connection (BRC-IS2A only).

Battery Consumption – of each battery in mA (BRC-IS2A only).

Temperature – of the internal components.

Time of Last Flight or usage time.

Built in Flight Log – Displays the number of flights on your models frame.

Selectable Battery Type – for monitoring of LifeP04, LiPo and Lion bat- tery chemistries.

Low Voltage Alarm via LCD indication.

2 x 10 Amp constant current capability.

2 x 12 Amp for 30 seconds.

– Calibration Algorithm for accurate current consumption monitoring (BRC-IS2A version).

– Micro-Power design less than 0.4mA in standby mode.

Input Voltage 6v to 13v.

– Weight 28 grams.

– Dimensions 56mm x 22.8mm (2.2 x 0.9 inches).

The Intelliswitch can isolate two batteries of the same chemistry and capacity for receiver and servo switching, but also provide dual battery redundancy for safety.  You can set the battery capacity before flight to determine overall usage after each flight.  Accidental on/off conditions are avoided by requiring the user to hold the on/off button to enter the mode.  Sleep mode is programmed into the switch to allow 0.4mA to the receiver and will remain in this mode until the batteries are physically disconnected.

MSRP $89 USD – 12 month warranty

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