Brunton Solar Roll

Brunton Solar Roll

Brunton Incorporated has long standing history of giving outdoor enthusiasts products that improve their experiences.  The variety includes; camping, optics, navigation, instrumentation and portable power for just about any use from casual to extreme.’s line-up of solar power arrays is impressive with portability being a primary design element.  Solar rolls have 4.5, 9 and 14 watt outputs, flat panels range from 2 watt to 15 watt with both 12V and 24V outputs and several panel configurations are available for charging handheld devices.  The Solaris line comes in 6, 12, 26 and 62 watt outputs.

From experience I know many radio control clubs operate in remote locations where electricity access is either unavailable or too expensive.  Because of this, many use car batteries for power as we reload receiver and power batteries for the next assault on the air, water or terrain.

The Solaris 26 is capable of charging a 12V car/marine of ATV battery, but more to the point it delivers enough amps (1.4) to reload your 12V battery between charges depending on the charge requirements and size of the power battery.  From a green perspective it beats the heck out of running your car to recharge your battery.  The Solaris is a foldable unit that opens to about 22 x 42 inches, but folds down to only 8.5 by 11 inches.  Included with the Solaris 26 are a set of heavy clamps, a lighter receptacle, a multi charging adapter cable and a storage sack.

Using the Solaris is easy as the unfolded Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) includes grommets for tying the panel up for the best solar exposure.  As well the Solaris is totally water resistant and the skin is extremely tough.  Dual output ports are provided allowing for more than one device to be charged at one time.   Total weight is 28 ounces.  MSRP $620.20

Updated: July 14, 2015 — 10:00 AM
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