Build a Sport Scale Fokker Dogfighter

Build a Sport Scale Fokker Dogfighter

With less than a week to go before the annual WW1 RC Jamboree at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, we thought we’d offer up another excellent design for those thinking about building a sport scale dogfighter. The kissing cousin of Rich Uravitch’s SE5a we highlighted last week, this Fokker D.VII is an excellent flyer and just as easy to build as Rich’s British dogfighting biplane.


Using simple balsa, lite-ply and plywood construction, the Fokker D.VII has a top wingspan of 50 inches and a lower wing spanning 42 inches for a total wing area of 712 square inches. the prototype came in with a wing loading of 14oz./sq. ft., making it very pilot friendly. It can be powered by a .40 – .45 2-stroke or a .46 – .61 4-stroke gas engine.


Or, if you are part of an active club, get with a friend and build both the SE5a and the D.VII in a team effort and fly them together to see who the best pilot really is. You’ll be practicing for the 2016 Mission event planned for the Jamboree next year.

You can order the plans from the website at:




Updated: December 7, 2023 — 2:59 PM


  1. Where to get such nice spoked scale wheels?

    1. Back when the article was first published, Rich used 4 3/8 inch spoked wheels from House of Balsa. I would think that spoked wheels of this size are still available from Proctor Enterprises as well as in kit form from Arizona Model Aircrafters.

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