Build your own RC Scale UAV Drone

Build your own RC Scale UAV Drone

Are you wondering how you can get your own drone based project or business in the air affordably?  Mesa, Arizona based Thorpe Seeop Corporation, with nearly 30 years experience manufacturing and operating drones, is making truly affordable programs and drones to help Universities, Colleges, small Research and Development organizations and even small startup companies have their own drones.

Everyone knows about the use of drones by the military.  But the military is NOT the only ones flying.  Now, you don’t have to be the military, or even a high budget research program like NASA to fly drones.  Now, you can have your own affordable drones in support of your startup company or your research or education programs.

Also, you may have business opportunities, research or education applications from flying a unique electronics payload to flying data acquisition missions for a civil engineering infrastructure project.  You might have a research contract with application to law enforcement, disaster relief, agriculture, tornado monitoring or other research projects.  Even student built and flown education projects can have completion and success assurance while remaining realistically affordable.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Build your own RC Scale UAV Drone

Thorpe Seeop offers “build it yourself” plans and kits for the most frugal of budgets, to almost ready to fly (ARF Kits) or full up, turnkey flying drone systems. You can pick and choose from their extensive list of Thorpe Seeop air vehicles by visiting or calling them at (480) 262-1051.  Thorpe will provide an Information Packet for people on how to start their own drone based research project or business for $150.  They also provide plans for various drones at just $250.  If you prefer kits, Thorpe has drone kits available starting at $2,200 and Almost Ready to Fly “ARF” Kits starting at $6,000.  This approach allows people of all budgets the flexibility to start their own drone business or perform their research project affordably and on time using aircraft with a proven record.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Build your own RC Scale UAV Drone

For Further Information, please call: Douglas Thorpe President, Thorpe Seeop Corporation 480.262.1051

Updated: June 4, 2012 — 12:49 PM


  1. First you were questioning if it is a good idea to promote drones…

    Now you are publishing info on how to get one.

  2. FHH – Good point.

    Going from “legal concerns about drones in civilian airspace” to “If I can start my own drone business – then you can too !!!” is a little strange – especially for a magazine that’s been around as long as MAN. Also, I have a problem with the notion that UAVs are “turnkey” systems – a term used in the software industry. It’s not uncommon for an R/C builder to work 20 years on a single design, such as the “giant birds” or 2-meter sailplanes and larger. Drones (and I use that term loosely) as big as the ones in the photos take serious effort to mass produce and operate.

  3. Having said all of that – I applaud the company’s efforts. Arizona seems to have its own home-grown high-tech revolution.

  4. Also – I applaud MAN’s efforts to bring more news about the burgeoning UAV industry to online readers – particularly the articles on First Person View (FPV) technology.

  5. It doesn’t look like they sell kits for the hobbyist. More like they are trying to sell to the government agencies. $250 for plans is a bit high. We would expect a RTF for that price. And most of us don’t need a 50 pound payload.

  6. The magazine is called “Model Airplane NEWS! ” One this is for sure, our readers are passionate and we enjoy hearing all your connects whether you support us or are critical. When it’s not personal and you have something to contribute to the conversation that is!!! :^)

  7. Wow I saw absolutely nothing on Thorpe Seeop Corp.’s website that was aimed at anyone with a frugal budget unless NATO is looking to reduce spending. Also selling kits on how to start a drone based business reminds me of the old newspaper ad “Make money fast, send $5 in a self-addressed stamped envelope for details” The details were always the same, place an ad in a local newspaper asking for $5. The article concept was interesting, but I believe missed the actual target audience.
    I hope that the UAV and Drone coverage for the hobbyist gets better in the near future.
    Also the lack of an author for the article makes this particular posting seem to be more advertising than reporting.

  8. There’s a fine line that separates R/C and drones, let’s not step on it and get ALL of us in trouble.

    Have you read the news about FAA wanting to regulate R/C as a result of the drone expansion into the private sector? … hello?

    Nice to see, nice to know about it … period.

    Let’s go back to have fun flying our toy airplanes, and stay out of trouble.


  9. Thorpe Seeop is just one more “get-rich-quick” jerk-off

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