Building an F-104 Starfighter in 20 minutes — Video

Building an F-104 Starfighter in 20 minutes — Video

Our good friend and MAN Contributor Sean McHale, is a very talented scale modeler and is an expert RC turbine jet pilot. He has built several impressive jets and also has produced some amazing videos.


Here is Sean’s most recent video showing in time-laps images what exactly goes into building a first class, scale RC turbine powered jet aircraft. Built from an Avonds kit, the F-104 build shows the assembly of the kit and takes us all the way to first flight.. His beautiful Starfighter has all the bells and whistles and it simply looks amazing!


Check it out.

Updated: July 23, 2015 — 9:59 AM


  1. “The missle with a man in it” Many a Luftfaffa pilot lost his life trying to control this amazing flying
    machine. As a young U.S. Air Force airman back in 1962, I got to sit in the cockpit of this aircraft,
    and still remember it. One of original Century series supersonic fighters, it was incomparible. The
    Kelly Johnston team at the Lockheed “skunk works: went on the design the remarkable SR-71

  2. Wow! a great video and truly a work of art. I wish I had even a small fraction of the skills needed to complete this authentic masterpiece!

  3. Terrific! Another MAN knockout!
    Not only is the model top notch but so is the video. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to see someone else that builds similar to me. I usually put all the channels and pockets into the foam before I sheet the wings. Saves time and hassle I also have learned a short cut, over the years,I use epoxy primer and I use it to put the 3/4 oz. cloth on. This not only saves time but also weight. If you guys can, please pass on my ‘kudos’ to this gentleman for an awesome piece of workmanship.

    1. Thanks Bruce for the ‘kudos’, glad you enjoyed the video. It was fun to make. If nothing else, it motivated me to keep the work area cleaner while I worked. 🙂 – cheers, Sean

  4. Fantastic, both build and video!

  5. Congrats on successful maiden flight and an amazing build!

  6. Awesome build, awesome video! I’m totally inspired!

  7. Fantastic plane and vidwo!

  8. Incredible stuff Sean ! You have also inspired me to get my 1/4 scale Caudron C-460 into the air !! Your video was fascinating.

  9. OMG!!! That was fantastic! I have just obtained a scale kit with FG fuse, and foam core sheeted wings. This was a fantastic help. Thank you soooo much Sean.

  10. Awesome video and look forward to the flying Video! I would like to know what kind of epoxy primer Bruce is using?

  11. Absolutely awesome to watch. Thanks!

  12. My best friend and his partner were killed in a Starfighter crash in Baden Zoelingen, Germany in 1977. Capt. Doug Danko and Capt. Shaw. That’s why this jet was known as the “Widow Maker”!

  13. This is truly a work of art. Many respects for the artist who built this jet. I, too, wish I had 1% of the skill.

  14. simply awesome!

  15. Loved your video………………beautiful plane !!! One thing that I really liked was the sanding block you used while doing the fiber glassing. They looked to be 3 – 4″ wide square aluminum tubes with seld stick sand paper. Did you make those or purchase them someplace ???

  16. Don’t know which is more impressive – the build or the workshop. Has me drooling

  17. That was fantastic and incredible!
    How many hours just doing the video and how many hours just building the jet?

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