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Burt Rutan’s Race for Space

Burt Rutan’s Race for Space

With the unfortunate cancellation of NASA’s Space Shuttle program, our country no longer has a “Made in America” way to reach the space station or do any other manned space flights. sad commentary but there is hope in the form of one man’s dream. Burt Rutan is a modern day aviation legend in his own right and the future of space travel looks bright. This new book from Quayside Publishing Group, is 160 pages long and it has dozens of great Rutan aircraft photos as well as vintage NASA pix showing the past and current state of affairs when it comes to sending a man into orbit.

Written by Dan Linehan, this impressive coffee-table mate is available from

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in RC. Burt Rutan and the future of the USA’s space presents.

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Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:38 PM
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