Best in Show — C-133A Cargomaster — with Flight video

Best in Show — C-133A Cargomaster — with Flight video

We all were amazed with George Maiorana, absolutely stunning Douglas C-133A Cargomaster  which won the First Place award for the Designer Scale class at the Toledo show. George also took home the Best of Show award with his amazing electric powered cargo plane. Recently George sent us a flight video from the 2014 AMA Scale Nationals where pilot Dave Pinegar flew it for George in Team Scale. Check it out! George’s Cargomaster looks exactly like the real thing.


Here’s Executive Editor Debra Cleghorn with George’s C-133.
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Photos by Debra Cleghorn and George Maiorana.

Updated: August 7, 2014 — 1:30 PM


  1. Há possibilidade de conseguir comprar um kit desse daqui do Brasil.Obrigado

  2. George you have done a magnificent job of creating one of my favorite transport aircraft. Growing up in southern California (El Segundo) I have seen a lot of aircraft since my youth and this is one of them flying over high. I am a model builder too and I love the challenge of scratch building.

  3. Magnificent Model! Congrats!~

  4. Absolutely beautiful! The scale like flight speeds are the best I’ve ever seen depicted! Congratulations!

  5. As an ex-Air Force air freight specialist, I loaded and unloaded these birds many times. I have photos of one of these in Viet-Nam. This model is as awesome as the real thing. Congrats on the awards. Awesome bird!

  6. What a wonderful model of a fascinating aircraft.

    As part of a personal project, I am indexing the scale documentation and drawings in “Flight” magazine. I’ve completed 1909 through 1958. Here are the links to references to the Douglas C-133 I’ve found thus tar.

    Douglas C-133 =
    Douglas C-133, Art =
    Douglas C-133, Article =
    Douglas C-133, Photo =

  7. Beautiful plane, great video. But i am confused about Toledo, wasn’t that 4 months ago?

  8. Beautiful model, not only so detailed, but also so “scaled” on take-off, flight, landing and even taxing.
    Great job building and flying this model.

  9. I really am amazed at the quality of this constructed model. My only question is, “Does the real plane have electric motors? My understanding is that the full size plane had turboprop engines. As a retired aircraft mechanic, I am disappointed that fuel engines were not installed. Believe it is time to form two groups of builders and flyers. Those using electric power, and those using fuel engines.

    1. Richard:

      If turbo-prop were used George’s electric powered 33# C-133 would
      weight over 100# and be nearly three times its current size. Under
      LM waiver its participation would be questionable considering the
      length of runway required to land it…much less takeoff :^).

  10. Do you have a set of plans that you could copy, I would like to get a set from you to build my own plane? Please let me know. sincerely Ed

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