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Cal-Grafx Vintage Airplane Decals

Cal-Grafx Vintage Airplane Decals

Has this ever happened to you? You score a great vintage RC airplane kit at a swap shop, and it is one you have always wanted to build. You open the box and check out all the parts and every thing is there. Even the decals… Well, what’s left of the decals that is. It happens a lot! With many vintage model airplane kits, everything stands the test of time with the exception of those old and delicate water-slide decals. And really, there’s nothing you the modeler can do to rejuvenate them without then cracking! Enter Cal-Grafx.

Jim McIntire Owner/Operator of Cal-Grafx is now offering a service where he will duplicate your classic decals using modern materials which greatly increases their durability. Using various materials, and modern art and graphics programs, Jim will supply your new decals and they will look exactly like the original decals supplied with your vintage treasure. The best way is to send your old decals to Cal-Grafx so Jim can work on them first hand.

These are custom made. Not just hammered out stock items waiting to be sold. Jim makes them to order for the best possible quality.

We were lucky enough to acquire this vintage Jr. Falcon kit produced by Carl Goldberg back in the 1960 and earlier.

Here are the original decals that were in the kit but they are extremely fragile and can easily break apart if we tried to apply them with the water-slide transfer method. We carefully flattened the decals and the scanned them on a high quality color photo copies. We sent the file to Jim and in just a little while we had our new decals. See the featured illustration.

If you have a need for some killer retro decals, give Jim a call at: (386) 236-8236, or send him an email at sales@cal-grafx.com.See the website at: www.cal-grafx.com


Updated: May 17, 2018 — 5:22 PM
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