Can two 700-class RC helis lift a woman off the ground?

Can two 700-class RC helis lift a woman off the ground?

This video from HeliGraphix may blow your mind. In it, a very brave (and strong!) woman is lifted off the ground by two Gaui X7 Megatron helis, each of which is powered by a Scorpion/Powercroco system running on a 4000mAh, 16S LiPo pack. According to HeliGraphix, maximum flight time at full power is just over 50 seconds, so there’s no time to waste from liftoff to touchdown. They say it’s a world first; we agree we’ve never seen anything like it. (Just don’t try this at home, kids!)

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:59 PM


  1. That is really something. More power than I thought.

  2. Don’t you consider this rather dangerous? I’m very disappointed that a magazine associated with our hobby would distribute this, and by doing so, encourage this type of carelessness. And we wonder why so many outside of the hobby look upon us with disdain.

  3. I saw this on YouTube. Yes, it’s impressive but it’s very stupid. This is the kind of thing that can give our hobby a bad name. What it they crashed right down on top of her? What if they had a power failure? Even falling from a few feet could cause her to break an ankle! (especially in those heels!) Why risk the human life, if they can lift 120 LBS of bricks they can lift 120 LBS of girl, why risk it? Just an uneccesary risk to make a point and you can see that they nearly lost control by dangling her into the tree! Just VERY bad thinking for this, don’t want to reward idiocy.

  4. Greg Tanous -Wow She is a Real life Supergirl, Glad it went well! Definitly Not recommended though!

  5. Highly irresponsible, especially coming from a manufacturer. All of us in the hobby have either first hand experience (or seen it happen multiple times) when something goes wrong, and it does all the time in this hobby. This lady could have been easily been seriously hurt if a servo failed, a battery died, a blade failed and so on. A fall from that height (and wearing those high heeled boots) would have guaranteed a broken ankle or leg. To prove how powerful their heli’s are they should have used a static weight and NOT a person. It is bad enough that kids try all the stupid stuff they see online in videos but to have MAN of all people show them how to do it? Now we are going to have some idiot try to one-up the video.

    1. Oh no! Go back to flying your foam 2 channel glider with 4 mile spacing from spectators.

  6. I can’t believe there are ao many people condemning this. It’s not THAT bad and she knew what she signed up for. Furthermore, the pilots were HIGHLY skilled. Sorry Debra – please ignore the evangelists who seem to gravitate to condemnation. Lighten up guys or go back to bed and worry about how you are going to get out of life alive.

  7. After watching the Hobbyking Beer Lift Challenge – Disaster Class winners, I would not attempt this as demonstrated.

  8. Whether you think this is merely irresponsible, downright dangerous, or “way kewl”, you have to admit if you’re honest – this is just the sort of ammunition that the FAA here in the United States is looking for – to totally control, if not outright ban – R/C Aviation here in the U.S.

  9. Wauw. Wauw en wauw ., super oké helie

  10. I thought this video was impressive, but would have liked it better is she had been over a giant rubber mattress. I think it would be more impressive if they used a copter, with a spool underneath, to fly a thread line between two bridge towers to pull larger ropes and then pull suspension cables between the towers. A lot cheaper than using a real helicopter. The Chinese do this with a multi-copter.

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