Can you name this plane?

Can you name this plane?

This incredible video comes to us from our friend Tbobborap1, who filmed the giant-scale model at an RC event at the Royal Air Force Barkston Heath base in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. Our mystery plane is of late WW II vintage, was carrier-based and flew for the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It was especially prized as a submarine-hunter. Make your guess in the comments section, then watch the video of this outstanding scale model in flight. Kudos to the builder and pilot, who as of this writing have not been identified.

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 2:30 PM


  1. Fairey Firefly

  2. Fairey Firfly

  3. Fairey Firefly

  4. Fairey Fulmar

  5. Fairey Firefly

  6. Fairley Firefly FR mk1

  7. fairey firefly mk1

  8. Firefly F.Mk I

  9. Fairly Barracuda

  10. Fairey Firefly MK1

  11. Fairey Firefly

  12. Fairey Firefly

  13. Fairey Firefly

  14. This is a Fairey Firefly FR Mk I.

  15. The Fairey Firefly was a hugely successful WW2 two seat carrier based fighter aircraft that served with the Royal Fleet Air Arm in the latter stages all the way up to the 1950s. The system was a powerful navy fighter capable of attacking aircraft and seagoing vessels alike. It was highly effective on many fronts including the European and Pacific theatres. The single engine round wing cantilever wing monoplane had about 1,700 aircraft made before ending production. The Navy version was made with a tail hook and folding wings for carrier service.


  17. Fairey firefly

  18. Fairey Firefly

  19. That’s a Fairey Firefly. My father-in-law worked on them on board the HMCS Magnificent of the Royal Canadian Navy.

  20. The Fairey Firefly was a British Second World War-era carrier-borne fighter aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm (FAA).
    It was superior in performance and firepower to its predecessor, the Fulmar, but only entered operational service towards the end of the war. Designed around the contemporary FAA concept of a two-seat fleet reconnaissance/fighter, the pilot and navigator/weapons officer were housed in separate stations. The design proved to be sturdy, long-ranging and docile in carrier operations, although the limitations of a single engine in a heavy airframe reduced overall performance.
    The Fairey Firefly served in the Second World War as a fleet fighter but in postwar service, although it was superseded by more modern jet aircraft, the Firefly was adapted to other roles, including strike operations and anti-submarine warfare, remaining a mainstay of the FAA until the mid-1950s. Both the UK and Australia Fireflies flew ground attack operations off various aircraft carriers in the Korean War. In foreign service, the type was in operation with the naval air arms of Australia, Canada, India, and the Netherlands whose Fireflies carried out a few attack sorties as late as 1962 in Dutch New Guinea.


    My Picture.

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    Fairy Firefly

  22. Fairey Firefly FR.1 / NF.1

  23. British Tempist

  24. Firefly I / FR.I

  25. Fairey Firefly

  26. Its a Fairy firefly

  27. Fairey firefly

  28. Fairey Firefly Mk I

  29. The author of the video lists it as a fairy firefly on youtube.

  30. Fairey Firefly

  31. It’s the Firefly, I do not recall the numbers.

  32. Fairy Firefly

  33. This would be a Fairey-firefly

  34. Fairey Firefly, a nice looking model, nice build thanks for sharing.

  35. Boulton-Paul Defiant.

  36. Hawker Typhoon, the British equivalent of the Douglas Skyraider

  37. It’s a Fairey Firefly mk 1.

  38. Fairey Firefly

  39. Fairy Firefly Mk I

  40. I was remembering that many years ago Dave Platt drew a beautiful 3-view drawing of a later Mk Firefly and commented that it would make an excellent RC warbird because of the generous tail surfaces. I think these were published in MAN, but it may have been RCM.

  41. I worked on Firefly, the summer of 1958, but as a target-tug. I don`t know the MK-number on them, but it was a Lovely plane to work on. // Lennart, Oslo.

  42. It looks like a Fairey Firefly.

  43. It’s a Fiary Firefly Mk i or F.1 or FR.1

  44. Fairey Baracuda

  45. Fairey Firefly

  46. It appears to be a Fairey Firefly

  47. The plane is a Fairey Firefly

  48. Fairey Firefly AS MK 7

  49. Hawker Typhoon

  50. Hawker tempest?

    1. Nope, it is a Fairey Firefly

  51. Fairey Firefly


  53. Boulton Paul defiant….

  54. Firefly…with at least 8 rockets point rearwards ?

  55. Fairey Fulmar

  56. Fairey Firefly

  57. I guess it to be the Fairy Batle

  58. I believe it is a Fairy Battle.

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