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Canadian Content Turnbuckle Kit Review – Soon

Canadian Content Turnbuckle Kit Review – Soon

Colin Geisel finished in the top 3 at this years Kingston Fathers Day Fun/Fly Sportsman Comp.  So its only fitting he was asked to do a kit review on the Turnbuckle model he built from the laser cut kit produced by Rolly Siemonson.  The Turnbuckle is like a TIMEX Watch it takes a licking and just keeps on Ticking.  Thats why so many are being built by the guys. 

******So lets give it up for Colin *********

we are looking forward to seeing this kit review in the next few months! 

If your up for a Turnbuckle kit maybe for a XMAS gift you can email Rolly:  mailto:rollys@cogeco.ca


Updated: January 26, 2012 — 1:33 PM

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