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Castle Creations Berg 7P Receiver

The Berg 7P tucked into the Hacker fuselage

When I first started in R/C the radios left a lot to be desired.  My early AM radios were soon replaced with FM and I still have total confidence in FM transmitters and receivers.  I use my Futaba 9 Cap Super in both FM and 2.4 GHz configurations, but again, I fly lots of planes with FM. My newest Hacker 330SC uses a Castle Creations Berg 7P because I get a lot with the 7P.  First the 7P is programable with the Castle Link hard/soft ware.  With a little programming I can get more out of my servos for 3D flight, set my failsafe and map channels 8 and 9 to the 7-channels available on the 7P.  While 2.4 is all the rage, FM is still something that many use and have few if any problems with the FM signal.  Also at your flying club more pins are available as other migrate to 2.4GHz.

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