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Castle Creations Releases Multi-Rotor V5 Firmware

Castle Creations Releases Multi-Rotor V5 Firmware

From Castle Creations:

Long known for their industry-leading electronic speed controllers (ESCs) and highly efficient brushless electric motors, Castle Creations is pleased to announce the release of a brand new, state-of-the-art and feature rich firmware, Multi-Rotor V5, for FPV racing and multi-rotor drones (UAV’s). Multi-Rotor V5 is a free upgrade to existing current owners of QuadPack 25 and QuadPack 35 ESCs and is available for download through Castle Creations’ website.

The Castle Software Development Team didn’t just didn’t rewrite some code, they rebuilt it from the ground up. The result is amazing performance with added features and new technology. This firmware maximizes POWER, RESPONSE, STABILITY and FLIGHT TIMES with a unique Adaptive Timing System.

The Multi-Rotor 25A and 35A ESCs are best suited for FPV Racing Drones, Battle Drones, Large Camera and Large Payload Carrying Multi-Rotors. Additional features include:

  • Low Latency Throttle Response improvements provide better Stability and Control.
  • Auto Detecting Servo PWM (500HZ) and, OneShot /
    OneShot 125 (4Khz) input options allow for faster signaling and improved stability during all aspects of flight from a simple hover to the most extreme maneuvers.
  • Added Active Braking for quicker throttle response when decelerating.
  • Features High Maximum Electrical RPM (300,000 eRPM), truly a must have for FPV racers.
  • Optimization of Linear Throttle Response, which improves “feel” in flight!
  • Throttle Calibration and Motor Direction can be easily set in the field.
  • Low Internal Resistance for Maximum Efficiency
  • Adaptive Timing System for increased Power and Efficiency

Visit CastleCreations.com
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Updated: August 5, 2016 — 10:28 AM

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