1. Cute & funny !

    1. It’s worth noting that this is definitely a TOY, foam helicopter that doesn’t pose much danger (you can easily and safely stop its blades with your hand). Don’t even think about doing this with a true micro helicopter! (But you all already knew that, right?)

  2. One more cat video on the internet … but somehow I can’t stop watching. Thanks for posting, too funny.

  3. I’m not particularly a cat person, and this video WAS cute, but I couldn’t help thinking that doing this was a bit irresponsible. That cat could have caught a blade in the eye and that wouldn’t have been so cute. Again, as we’re lectured in the instructions of almost any model we buy, these models are not toys–for either humans or cats (or dogs) no matter the size. Debra, I think you needed to step back a few steps to consider the potential of what could have happened and what might happen to other animals if this little scene is repeated enough times. I don’t think that MAN should be on record for enouraging this potentially dangerous behavior.

    1. Why is there always some “goody two shoes” blowing everything out of proportion? There is potential danger in everything we do in life. Do you caution people about blindly walking the street texting with their cellphones? And you wonder why this country is in the condition it’s in. Go figure!!!

      1. let the blades hit you in the face, then well see bout that.

    2. Yeah….because playing with, killing, and eating birds and squirrels is so much safer. Could that cat get hurt? Sure, but it could get hurt doing many other fun things. The chances of the blades hitting the cat in the eye are pretty slim so who cares as long as the cat and the human are having fun. People like Ghostrider are the type of person that makes this world dull and snotty.

  4. That foamie helo is no more dangerous than my cats’ favorite toy that I whip around furiously. Safety should always come first, but as long as the cat is engaged in the activity and the helo isn’t dive-bombing it its ok. IMHO the problem is with people who take this to the limits and use rc vehicles to chase animals.

  5. Tough Helicopter.
    Next time why not give the radio to the cat and let him annoy the human

  6. Am sure MAN wouldn’t have posted a video of a cat getting mauled. It’s a fun video, that’s all it is. Am certain they’re not taking a stand on anything as Ghostrider implies (nor should they). Some people just want to take the fun out of everything…

  7. Everyone likes a funny cat video. Didn’t YouTube start on that cat playing piano? Thanks for posting!

  8. Thank you for posting this video. It’s one of the best I’ve seen.
    That is a BEAUTIFUL cat! (we have 9!) So, I can really appreciate this video!

  9. CatManDo, that’s a lot of cats. Didn’t I see you on that hoarders show? Agree, it’s a fun video however.

  10. Consider the cats eyes being sliced open on a rotor blade! Stupid! If not that, consider the Vet bills. Find another way to have fun.

  11. Put goggles on the cat, and maybe a miniature German helmet, B4 U do that again

  12. Owner of the cat would feel really bad if the cat had been hit in the eye with one of the rotors. Fun to watch but abusive to the animal.

  13. Looks like the cat won when he slapped the little heli into his water bowl. I noticed it didn’t fly again… probably because the RX or motor got water on it and shorted out (until it drys out and the cat kills it once and for all)!

    I had a micro light, 3 channel airplane called a “Micro Stik” and hooked a crepe paper streamer to the tail wheel on it. It was more than my cat could stand and he made flying leap at it during a low level pass and ripped the streamer to pieces. He then got back up on his camping chair (we both used one when I was flying) and sat there watching me fly. He did have a kind of satisfied look on his face for the rest of the day though.

  14. This is so familiar. My cat LOVED helping me fly my Helo. But she was more interested in crash investigations than actual aerial combat. I really sucked at flying so she was very busy inspecting crash sites. No animals or humans were harmed during these escapades, can’t say the same for models.

  15. Hot funny endangering any animal unless it is the animal on the transmitter . to all you morons that find humor in this animals don’t understand the danger of an idiot on the transmitter

  16. love that hunter instinct, He is fast, I would like to see him take control and pester the human. d

  17. Ok, Ok, so, to avoid a “Cat-Tas-Trophy” in the future, next time just fly the heli at the other end of the cat? – There, problem SOLVED!!!

    Furthermore, obviously the cat had no respect for the heli’s “right to fly” either! So Bad kitty, bad, bad, kitty!!!

    BTW: Cats CHASE Birds, birds have pointy beaks, but I don’t ever hear any whining & cryin’ about all the “hazards” to Mr. kitty’s eyes in that case? DOH!

    “Dogs Rule – Cats Drool!”

  18. I enjoyed it,dont we all do thngs that have some risks…I do

  19. Our cat runs away as fast as possible when I start my msr so I don’t pester him. The cat in this video liked chasing the heli. If it hurt the cat, it would not have stayed around to play with it or came looking for trouble.

  20. I have a very large Lab/Great Dane mix that is so disinterested that when she stretches out to sleep I occasionalli land my micro on her side. She will partially open one eye, look at it and go right back to sleep!

  21. Of course the cat will attack it if you harass it and keep flying it at its face. those little blades hurt! my cat actively hunts my heli. now thats actually funny to watch, not someone flying one at a cats face.

  22. I am all for fun, & found the video cute…but…there was POTENTIAL for serious injury at the CATS expense to entertain the pilot & viewers. THAT is what people are saying. Yes, you can get hurt everyday doing normal activities, but why INTENTIONALLY increase the risk…especially when the harm ISN’T to yourself? Not a responsible act at all..disappointed to see it on this site, after all the safety articles that get posted….

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