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Dave Gierke

Pro Tips to Clean your 2-Stroke Engine

Pro Tips to Clean your 2-Stroke Engine

Weather too windy or rainy to fly this weekend? Use your downtime to make the upcoming flying season more successful! This classic how-to from the engine master Dave Gierke details all the steps to cleaning your nitro engine. During a recent flying session, your engine let you down big time: it flamed out during a hovering maneuver […]

Counter-rotating props

Hi, I have a question regarding 2-stoke model aircraft engines,  and multi engine aircarft. Can 2-stroke engine be made to run ccw and just reverse the mounting of the prop? Why do I ask?…aircraft like the P-38 had counter rotating engines, which I assume was to counter the two engine’s torque. Also, why wasn’t this application used in more […]
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By Dave Gierke Occasionally, you may want to change the component percentage of an existing fuel, such as increasing its castor oil content. This would be advantageous for the break-in and normal operation of certain engine types (e.g., ringless iron/steel pistons/cylinders; plain-bearing crankshaft support). What are the requirements? You must know the existing oil percentage, […]
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