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Who Mentored You?

When I was about eight or nine my good friend Wes and I would spend countless summer hours in his attic looking at old issues of Model Airplane News from the 1950’s and 60’s.  We soon were building rubber powered silk span planes and .049 control line combat planes that we flew in the neighbor’s […]

What’s on your Holiday Shopping List?

I am seeing those holiday commercials so it must mean we are approaching the season of giving.  I hope you will join in here and provide some of the items you think should be a part of every RC hobbyist’s wish list.  Let me start by making a few suggestion of items I use all […]
Unmanned Flight Rules on Hold with FAA

Unmanned Flight Rules on Hold with FAA

As of October 18, 2011 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Unmanned Aircraft Program Office (UAPO) has put on hold their decision as to the need to adjust any of the previous Advisory Circular 91-57 issued in June of 1981.  At this point it could be February 2012 before we have a proposed rule.  The advisory […]

Eagle Tree Systems Guardian Stabilization for the OSD Pro

First Person Flight (FPV) is advancing within the RC industry and among hobbyists.  The new Guardian Stabilization system is an on-board system that provides extremely high resolution stability for your fixed wing and elevon aircraft.  The Guardian system is used in concert with the OSD Pro and provides both minimal and advanced setup features.  You […]
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Eagle Tree Systems Upgrades their Standalone Altimeter to V4

If you have never had the chance to experience on-board telemetry, start with an Eagle Tree Systems altimeter.  These are so easy to use.  Simply plug the altimeter into your receiver and it will log your altitude and hold that altitude in memory until you power off and on or exceed the value of the […]

Eagle Tree Systems New Standalone G-Force Sensors

Eagle Tree has consistently lead the industry in affordable onboard telemetry.  One of their newest is the Standalone G-Force sensor capable of collecting forces in three axis.  Using a seven segment LED the readout provides the encoutered forces in tenth’s of G forces.  The microsensors are fully compatible with their V3/V4 and On Screen Displays […]

2DogRC to announce a new addition to their line up of Dualsky Motors

Be on the lookout for an announcement from Mark at 2DogRC on the newest addition to their lineup of Dualsky RTR motors.  I have seen what is coming and it is really cool stuff.  The new product will certainly be here just in time for the indoor flying season.  Here is their website: […]

Dualsky Introduces Their Newest EA Series Brushless Motors

Dualsky continues to provide high quality motors to the RC market with the release of additions to their EA series of the XM motors.  The XM2223EA and the XM2227EA are small but powerful and an excellent choice for small wings.  These new motors feature an improved front cover for better heat dissipation, increased rigidity in […]
Unmanned Flight

Unmanned Flight

Last year I had the opportunity to fly a really cool plane in the Terracam Hawkeye.  This was a project designed to measure agricultural crop moisture through infrared photography.  The Hawkeye is designed with an onboard IR camera plus it had another camera that beamed a signal to the ground so my co-piolot could see […]

Can you feel what you fly without a full-scale flight lesson?

I have been fortunate to fly 100’s of RC airplanes and a few full scale planes as well.  I know from experience when I flew full-scale airplanes that on some good days I felt like the plane and I were one.  I could hear, feel, smell and see what was right and maintained a heightened […]

My First MAN Article

A few years ago I submitted this article to MAN.  It was selected and published in the first issues of On The Flight Line. Density Altitude We all have visions that our planes will fly wonderfully simply because we took the time to carefully build them.  We may also believe our new ARF or RTF […]

The wind is shifting as winter approaches

So all summer you learned to take-off and land on runway 18 into a south wind.  Likely your club has a runway alignment to accommodate prevailing winds when much of your flying takes place.  But now as the winds shift one has to begin learning and experiencing a new runway.  While it seems easy, many […]
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