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Paul Tradelius

Heli Engine Bearings

I received the following question from Tony about his engine bearings. I have a question on bearings rusting in helicopters. Specifically, my heli engine bearings never seem to give me any problems. My airplane engines, stored in the same environment and using the same 20/20 heli fuel seem to all corrode and rust up within […]
Mavrikk Glow Plug Wrench

Mavrikk Glow Plug Wrench

Glow plug wrenches have been around longer than I have, and they all do a great job. However, when installing a glow plug deep inside a helicopter my technique is to push the stem of the glow plug onto a small piece of fuel tubing.  I use this to feed the glow plug to the […]

On a personal note

I know this is a helicopter section, but I thought I would share with you a very pleasant experience I had this past weekend while visiting my son in San Francisco.  We spent the weekend at the Thunder Hill racetrack, which is a couple hours north of the city, and I got a chance to […]
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