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The Temora Invitational Scale Classic

By Greg Tracey   See photos below    Temora is a small town that is about 300 miles southwest of Sydney in the state of New South Wales. Temora was once a WW II elementary flight training school and it is now home to a world-class collection of flying piston and jet warbirds. The collection […]

Hot for 09

Hot for 2009

2009 is going to be a great year for RC: just look at all these new planes and gear!

Hitec HPP-21 and HPP-21 Plus These new digital servo programmers can be used with a PC or in the field to program and test all Hitec digital servos. They can adjust centers and endpoints on all Hitec digital servos and also test any servo. A USB PC connection can be used to download free upgrade software.

A123 Mini Charger/balancer
This mini charger is designed exclusively for the Nanophosphate battery packs. It will automatically detect the number of cells in the pack and charge them in as little as 15 minutes. Thanks to the Nanophosphate technology from A123 Systems, there is no need to worry about thermal fires.

A123 Nanophosphate 2200mAh 6.6V pack
A123 Lithium Ion Nanophosphate batteries are capable of 30C continuous discharge with bursts up to 60C! In addition, these packs can be fully charged at 5C in as little as 15 minutes. This battery can also be used for the flight pack with no regulator. The max continuous current is 66A with a burst current of 132A.

Toytronix buddy box
This buddy box has the same look and feel of the professional SkyCommander system without the advanced alarm, ATV and mixing features. The instructor’s controller is the active transmitter while the student controller is simply a passive input device. This system is perfect for a practical and reliable flight trainer. It costs $60.

Hoffman Magnetics motors
Hoffman motors offer outstanding performance and power. The Beast and Wild Beast shown here have high kV (4130 and 4880 respectively) and they both offer sick speed and power for your favorite jet. Both motors can produce four pounds of thrust on 4- or 5-cell LiPo packs. Both are designed for 70mm EDF applications.; (818) 717-5095

Assan 2.4GHz module/receiver combo
The new Assan 2.4 GHz module/receiver offers a plug-and-play feature that quickly updates conventional transmitters to 2.4GHz. Once the module is installed, there is no need for programming and it has automatic frequency sweep with no crystal tuning. The modules are available for JR, Futaba and Hitec transmitters.

E-flite F-16
The F-16 is constructed of lightweight durable injection-molded foam and has a nice USAF Thunderbird trim scheme. The plane includes molded panel lines, prefabricated molded servo pockets, pre-hinged flight surfaces, magnetic battery hatch and installed motor and fan unit. Sport pilots will enjoy its smooth flight characteristics and aerobatic maneuvers.

E-flite Ascent
Now available in a Bind-n-Fly version, the Ascent is compact enough for any small park and it comes out of the box mostly pre-built, with a lightweight fiberglass fuselage and bolt-on wing. The included Speed-400 motor and folding prop will provide plenty of power. You only need a radio, ESC and battery.

HobbyZone Super Cub
Now available in a smaller version, this Super Cub comes with everything you need to get in the air—transmitter, receiver, servos, motor and battery. It has HobbyZone’s anti-crash technology that ensures smooth and steady flying right from the start. The fuselage is made of durable Z-foam construction for easy repairs. It costs $120.

Hangar 9 PTS Mustang II
The best got even better! This new version of a favorite trainer comes with everything you need to get started, including a Spektrum 2.4 GHz DX6i DSM2 radio with AR6200 receiver and servos installed. The Evolution engine trainer power system is already installed, so the Mustang can be ready to fly in less than an hour. It costs $500.

Advantage Hobby Fliton Line
Advantage Hobbies has acquired the exclusive rights to the complete line of Fliton premium electric-powered aircraft in North and South America, including Canada. The complete lineup of 19+ Fliton aircraft should be available in the coming months.

O.S. FS110-A 4-stroke w/5040
This new engine offers more power for .91 size models. It has a newly designed silencer that is adjustable for various applications and has a new “blow-by” internal oil system eliminating the need for a crankcase breather nipple. The broad power band makes this engine suitable for many scale and sport applications. It costs $320.

Wowplanes B-24
The beautiful scale model is a builder’s kit that includes all pre-shaped foam and vacuum-formed plastic parts that require minimal sanding. The white foam can be finished in the color scheme of your choice and construction will take about 10 hours. Made for electric power, the plane has a 62-inch wingspan and costs $140.

SAPAC America T-45
This T-45 comes painted in the U.S Navy training paint scheme with authentic markings. Constructed of laser-cut balsa with a fiberglass shell, this plane is lightweight and built for speed. A 70mm electric-ducted fan and 480-size motor are included. It can perform rolls, loops and other aerobatics with ease. It costs $230. 3 planes in 1
Just imagine— three lightweight indoor RC airplanes in one box and a single transmitter! Also included is a unique control module that connects to each plane with magnets. The module includes a motor system, receiver and actuator servos. Magnets also make the pushrod connections to the tail. Choose from v-tail, elevon and conventional rudder/elevator control mixing.

Kondor Model Products Instrument Decals
These highly detailed cockpit decals are developed from actual photos of real aircraft equipment and add that extra bit of realism to your airplane’s cockpit. The decals include several dials and instruments, as well as radio stack and weather radar display.

Kondor Model Products RCGF Gas Engines
New gasoline-fueled engines are now available from KMP. Each is RCGF-equipped with electronic ignition, and each has a full accessory package including muffler, engine-mount standoffs, spark plug, attachment bolts and tools. Available in 62cc, 50cc (high performance), 45cc, 26cc and 20cc displacement. They’re reasonably priced at $350, $370, $270, $220 and $215, respectively.

Kondor Model Products Canadair/Bombardier CL-215
Designed to fly off of water, the CL-215 forest fire water bomber features an 80-inch wingspan and requires two RCV 60SP or .60 glow engines or equivalent electric motors for power. This composite and wood ARF does not include landing gear. It costs $380.

Kondor Model Products Avro Arrow
The CF-105 Avro Arrow was a proposed Canadian advanced interceptor/fighter aircraft design for the 1960s and beyond. The KMP electric-powered, ducted-fan jet model has a fiberglass fuselage and built-up wood wings and is well-suited to 70mm ducted-fan units.

Thunder Tiger GP Engines
The well-established Thunder Tiger GP (Green Power) glow engines have a new look! The GP-07, GP-18 and GP-28 have been redesigned so they don’t have any assembly bolts to strip out. All parts are machined to screw together and produce a strong, clean-looking design. This is a favorite choice for budget-minded modelers!

Common Sense RC Bantam BC8 DX E-Station
This Bantam Dual Output Balancer/charger/discharger system is just the ticket to take care of your Common Sense RC LiPo packs, as well as any other type of battery you fly with. An easy-to-use panel with a large display screen allows for quick, uncomplicated use.

Common Sense RC LiPo battery packs
Common Sense RC’s new 7.4V 5200mAh 25C LiPo battery pack is charge capable at 2C, which means it can be charged at 10.4 amps or half the time of other similar size packs. The hard case features bullet tabs for easy connections and charging. Common Sense RC also has several other pack configurations.

Pro-Line Tool Sets
Featuring hardened tool-steel and non-slip grip, Pro-Line’s new tools feature attractive and protective anodized, knurled aluminum handles. Sold in both metric and standard SAE sizes, these long-reach hex drivers will get the job done for years to come, and the tips are replaceable. Nut drivers are also available.

LRP Soldering Station
LRP’s digital 90-watt soldering station features “magnetic auto sleep.” This is a safety feature that, when the soldering tip is inserted into the magnetized holder, cools down the tip. The tip stays warm, but not dangerously hot when not in use. When you remove from the holder, the tip immediately goes back up to the set temperature.

RAm 161 ARF Lites
In this new version of RAm’s popular lights, each one is powered by its own, easily replaced, 3V battery that will last for more than 24 hours. The red, white and green units are about the size of a quarter and together, the three units weigh about 20 grams.

Airtronics SD-10G
This full-function, 10-channel FHSS 2.4GHz radio system is designed for advanced fixed-wing models, sailplanes and helicopters. Its 20-model memory can be expanded with a memory card, and the memory settings can be backed up on your PC. It also features multiple-flight modes, assignable switches, re-positionable switches, three-position rate switches, plus a lot more! Airtronics distributed by Global Hobby.,


Airtronics 94780M MG
Need serious torque? This high-power digital servo from Airtronics is the answer you’ve been looking for. The 94780M MG produces an amazing 423 oz.-in. of torque and is one of the highest torque servos in a standard-case size. Featuring metal gears, ball-bearing support and a heat-sink case, the servo has a transit time of 0.15 second. It costs $125. Airtronics distributed by Global Hobby Dist.,

Saito FG20 4-stroke Gas Engine
This new 20cc 4-stroke gasoline engine from Saito gives modelers a better option for .60- to .90-size projects. It offers a great savings in fuel costs and its special pump-style carburetor allows easy starting and operation. The FG20 has a 1.25ci (20.52cc) displacement, AAC piston/sleeve and weighs 30.1 ounces with muffler and ignition. It costs $530. (800) 338-4639;

ParkZone Ember 2
Now with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 radio technology, this popular indoor flyer is immune to radio interference. With the same great indoor slow-flight performance as the original, the Ember 2 also comes with everything you need to fly. It costs $120. (800) 338-4639;

ElectriFly Slow Flyer Sopwith Pup
Add WW I dogfight excitement to your indoor RC fun with the new Sopwith Pup from ElectriFly. This 30-inch span, electric-powered plane takes foam construction in a new direction. It takes only 2 to 4 hours to fully assemble, and this EP ARF comes with an authentic 1916 paint scheme. It costs $60.

ElectriFly Sopwith Camel
Joining the impressive ElectriFly line of built-up WW I fighters, the newest recruit to the flying corps is the Sopwith Camel. This easy-to-assemble biplane has a 35.5-inch span and is powered by the same brushless outrunner power system as the rest of the corps. It is finished with MonoKote and decals are applied. It costs $100.

Great Planes .25/EP Sport Scale Thunderbolt
This impressive little 39.5-inch-span P-47 has all balsa and plywood construction and comes covered with MonoKote. It features a painted fiberglass cowl and optional landing gear and a Lexan belly skid pan. This plane is ideal for .25 glow or brushless electric power with a 45A ESC and costs $120.


Great Planes RealFlight G4.5
Not just another upgrade, the G4.5 flight sim version has become even more real in sight and feel. The pr ogram now comes in one convenient DVD for easier and faster installation. Virtual Flight Instruction now includes expert pilots Jason Shulman, Frank Noll, Jason Noll and Todd Bennett. 3D sites and much more. It costs $200.


Great Planes Escapade
With its sport scale lines, this easy-flying .40 to .56 sport flyer is a bit different looking. It comes with all control surfaces factory-hinged. Ailerons can use a one or two servo setup and the wings are two-piece and the tail bolts on. The span is 52.5 inches and it can use a 2- or 4-stroke engine or electric power. $100


FlyZone Cessna 182 Skyline Select RTF
This plane is for the aspiring pilot who wants to get in the air fast! The new 47.5-inch span Cessna 182 Skyline Select RTF is made of sturdy Aerocell foam and comes with a brushless power system. It also features functional nav lights flaps and a shock-absorbing nose gear. It costs $250.


ElectriFly Triton 2 EQ
The newest charger in the line, the Triton 2 EQ balancing charger operates on both DC power for outdoor use and its built-in AC power supply makes it ideal for the indoor RC flyer. It now also features lithium-cell balancing for up to 6s packs. Its adjustable position, reversed LCD screen has backlight for easy viewing in all lighting conditions. It costs $130.


Pat’s Custom Models C-188 Ag Wagon
This nicely designed, lightweight RC scale crop-duster classic is now available in a short kit that features three sheets of plans and laser-cut wood parts. Designed for electric power and 5-channel RC, this 55-inch span model features operating flaps and has a flying weight of only 21.4 ounces. It costs $70. (505) 296-4511;

Hobby Lobby Pilot1 Waco
The attractive Waco YKS-6 cabin biplane has a 50-inch wingspan, is 37 inches long, has a wing area of 624 square inches and weighs 43 ounces, ready to fly. The model is beautifully built-up and uses laser-cut wood parts and is expertly covered in film. It costs $200. (866) 933-5972;

Hobby Lobby StarMax Panther EDF Jet
This impressive Straight-wing jet, features all-molded, pre-painted, EPS foam construction and comes with removable landing gear and steerable nose wheel. The 64mm fan, brushless motor, and 25 amp speed controller are pre-installed, a 3-cell 1300mAh LiPo battery and a balancer/charger is also included. RTF version—$200; ARF (transmitter/ receiver not included)—$180. (866) 933-5972;

Hobby Lobby J Power A-7 Corsair II
Equipped with four servos, a 70mm ducted-fan unit, an outrunner motor, ESC and a 2200mAh 4-cell LiPo pack, the A-7 Corsair II is almost ready to fly. It requires a receiver, transmitter and battery charger. Molded-foam construction comes fully painted. It costs $270. (866) 933-5972;

Trinity EXTech Glo Ignitor
This new glow ignitor from Trinity comes with a high-capacity 4600mAh capacity cell and charger and is equipped with a built-in power meter. The easy-to-spot orange handle is made of aluminum and has an anodized finish. It costs $40 with charger.

ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF

ParkZone is proud to present another legend in our lineup of Warbirds.  Along with the North American P-51, the Corsair is arguably the most popular fighter plane of World War II. The F4U Corsair, made famous for its ability to outclimb, outrun or outfight any enemy in its day, is an exciting addition to the ParkZone […]
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