Cermark Fantasy Racer

Cermark Fantasy Racer

Cermark has announced the release of the new and improved Fantasy Racer. We have already flown this bird and I can say it is a fun flying plane that has speed and performance in durable EPP body.  Here is the latest press release on this great bird.


Product Data and Information:

Wing Span             51 inches                Length            41 inches

Wing Area              453 square inches     Wt:              3.3 lb

Description: Fantasy Racer is a poor man version of Italian artist, Mirco Pecorari, GEE BEE R-3.  Mr. Pecorari has inspired many full scale aircraft manufacturers and pilots to push their artistry to the edge of insanity.  Here ZD FLY has pushed the design envelope so that everyone can taste that blend of speed and art.

The Fantasy Racer is full EPP construction that combined with beautiful lines with new building and assembly techniques.  This airplane tracks very well and has more than enough power to wow anyone standing nearby.  However it has tremendous slow speed characteristics in any position.

Not only does it have basics of the PNP version such as the 4 x servos installed, NEO 10-1000 brushless motor installed, 50 Amp ESC installed, EMP-12060ES prop included, plastic spinner included.  The RTF (Ready-To-Fly) is also include 1 x 4ch 2.4gHz radio with 6ch 2.4gHz receiver, 1 x AMPED UP 2200mah 3s 20C LiPo battery pack and a NEODYM LiPo charger with an AC power supply. 



  1. Superb airfoil and wing shape combination.
  2. predictable handling characteristics.
  3. Unlimited vertical right out of the box, with simple 20C 3S LiPo pack.
  4. Durable, lightweight and repairable EPP foam (CA safe).
  5. Plug-in wings: separate for easy transportation.
  6. BNF (Bind N Fly®) and RTF (Ready-To-Fly®) versions also available.


Updated: July 10, 2015 — 10:55 AM
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