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Sky King Twin Reborn—

Out of the clear blue of the Western skies comes… Sky King!” How many of you remember this vintage TV show? This 1950s melodrama was a popular adventure series featuring a rancher/cowboy from Arizona named Schuyler King who was also an airplane pilot. Sky King dealt with the bad guys while flying “the real star of the show,” his twin-engine Cessna 310B.

            Relive the Sky King excitement with your own electric powered 310B. Designed by one of Model Airplane News’ most prolific designers Rich Uravitch, the Cessna 310B has a 52.8 inch span and is powered by a pair of BP Hobbies brushless motors turning APC 9×7.5 props. Featuring laser-cut balsa and lite-ply construction and weighing a little over 50 ounces, the 310B twin is typical of all Rich’s easy-to-build designs.

Updated: April 7, 2011 — 5:35 PM


  1. Where can I get a copy of the August 2009 MAN with the Cessna 310?

  2. I have a question for the publishers, would love to subscribe to the digital copy but am hesitant because no one has been able to confirm whether the digital subscription includes the free pro plans that are included in the physical copy. Here in Australia, the physical copy are very difficult to get.
    Love the Songbird.

    1. Hi Stephen, the plans are not included in the print or digital version of the magazine. You can order plans at http://www.AirAgeStore.com, and we do ship overseas. Thank you for your interest in MAN!

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