Cheap DIY RC Plane

Cheap DIY RC Plane
Here’s a fun DIY video on how to make a cheap RC plane powered by a single 3.7 volt battery — proving anyone with some ingenuity and a few dollars can get out there and fly RC!
Updated: October 26, 2022 — 7:49 PM


  1. Can you let me know where you obtained the electronics for the power and transmitter from?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jeremy – the parts list and links are on this page:
      Click on “more” in the gray box that’s under the video. Good luck!

  2. Does look like a fast build and not too expensive. Seems like some dihedral in the wing would improve rudder response. I would like to see a parts list for the power and RC components.

    1. Hi Keith- the parts list and links are on this page:
      Click on “more” in the gray box that’s under the video. Good luck!

  3. As a “Real” model builder for over 60 years.. I find this truly pathetic. And all of the Likes and Kudos?? Equally sad! This is a pitiful excuse for a flying model, with such marginal flight characteristics, w/poor balance, and power. And without some heart and soul put into it, it’s no wonder the true hobby is dying. Log onto builders’ forums to watch and read the REAL model builders logs, as they produce amazing models! There you will see how genuine skills are learned and used, to produce quality flying models.

    1. We also love scratch-built models, but we recognize that not everyone has the time, money, or skill to build complex RC aircraft. These cheap & fun projects are designed to get kids and more people into our favorite hobby! 🙂

    2. A lot of things are killing the hobby, the FAA mostly but followed quickly by fossils who think their way is the only way.

      1. Disparaging and rude comments coupled with a negative attitude neither grow the hobby nor enhance it in any way

    3. WELL SAID!

  4. While I also have an equally long history of building, flying, and enjoying model airplanes as “Jerry”, I wound up with, happily, a more positive, healthy, and grateful attitude.

    So to help counter the critical and rude comments of unhappy and angry modelers, I congratulate builders and experimenters who have learned how to take common and inexpensive materials and combine them into flying model airplanes capable of giving much enjoyment and education.

    Thanks to all the dedicated and helpful model airplane builders for their efforts to bring their fun, educational, and creative designs using inexpensive parts into published articles for everyone to enjoy.

    Frank Horine

    1. We couldn’t agree more, Frank. We appreciate your voice!

  5. What a great way to get a person started with building flying models! Low cost, simple skills – yet after building just one the person will know a lot of the basics. And it seems that a plane like this is easy to modify and experiment with. More power? Dihedral? Ailerons? Semi-symmetrical wing for more aerobatics? One could easily experiment and learn many things about airplanes from this basic model.

    PS. I have several large gas planes, military and 3D. Sometimes simplicity is its own art form.

  6. I worked for a very successful architect whose theory of design was keep it simple stupid. I also learned that keeping it simple is actually very difficult. He was a good man to work for, difficult but fair.

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