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Cheap and Easy Shop Tips

Cheap and Easy Shop Tips

We never met a workshop tip we didn’t like! Here are a few helpful tricks from the archives. If you have a tip you’d like to share, add it in the comments!



One organizational aid I use in my shop is a system for keeping unused servo arms matched to the servos they fit. I use or re-label the servo box by using the label that came with the box or make a new one with my label maker. You can tape one side of the box and lid so they stay attached. Now there is no more confusion as to which servo arms go to which servo when I need them.



When working on a project with a lot of small screws, bolts and nuts, I do so over a small 4- or 8-inch diameter magnetic bowl. These are available at car part stores or Harbor Freight. When I accidentally drop these small parts, they are pulled right into the bowl and not on the floor, where they are never to be seen again.



Here is a simple way to know whether or not your battery packs are charged. Since most of my battery packs already have Velcro attached, I decided to incorporate labels that will stick to the Velcro. I make the labels by printing on plain inkjet business cards so that I can have four labels per card. Once cut out, I can stick on part two of the Velcro to the back of the label. Now it is easy for me to see if my battery has a full charge, storage charge or is discharged.



Many of today’s 3D foamie airplanes use contact adhesive as a hinge material. However, spreading the glue can be a messy job. A single-edged razor blade makes an excellent spreading tool, but sometimes it can be difficult to use in tight places. By attaching a wooden clothespin to the razor blade, it’s easier to get into tight spots and creates a clean hinge line.


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  1. Great¡, this is the type of tips that we need; less promotionals and more technical guidance.


  2. Great¡, this is the type of tips that we need; more technical guidance will help to all enthusiastic model builders to keep this wonderful hobby for many years more. Cheers!

  3. magnetic trays, magnetically attached to your drill press post (vertically) are a great way to hold all sizes of drills being used ( and they won’t fall off and are easily moved if they are in the way)

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